Motor Yacht vs. Sailing Yacht

Motor and sailing yachts both are an exclusive yacht fleet. Know about the difference between charting a motor yacht or sailing yacht charter.

Motor Yacht vs. Sailing Yacht: Decide on the Best Type of Yacht to Charter

Whether a motor yacht or sailing yacht; choosing the best suitable type of yacht to charter is an utterly challenging task. Taking a dekko at various opinionated articles and more than doubtful facts usually does nothing more than confusing you. When comparing both motor and sailing yacht, many factors like cost, comfort, stability, and efficiency are usually the only center of attention. So, considering these factors, what type of yacht would you prefer to charter?

Motor and sailing yachts both are exclusive. Some people are quite firmly allegiant with a motor yacht whereas on the other side some people uncompromisingly prefer to charter a sailing yacht. There has always been an existence of friendly rivalry and praise noticed between both.

Regardless of the differences, some companies are coming up with their finest collection of luxury yacht charter. Some of the yacht owners appear with modern sailing yachts featuring the design specifications of a motor yacht whereas many other motor yacht owners have embraced the joy and adventure of a sailing yacht. But, what features make these two yacht charters different from each other and what makes one of them the right fit for your needs?

Unlike your cruise on a holiday, The amount of excitement you may experience while being on yacht wholly depends on the fleet you charter that could fit your personality. So when chartering a yacht it is good to explore the different features of both- sailing and motor yachts.

  1. Stability

Motor yachts are in a general sense lighter when compared with the sailing yacht counterparts. These shallow-draft motor yachts can navigate through almost all coastlines and archipelago. No matter how shallow the water and how narrow the passage may be.

Sailing Yachts, on the contrary, are more stable than motor yachts and the draft they have makes them go deeper into the water. In contrast with the motor yachts that run out quickly over the water, sailing yachts go slower pushing out the water. They can easily resist heavy waves and big blows on the river and this intensifies the sailing yacht vessel’s stability.

  1. Noise

Motor yachts, on the whole, are dependent on fuel. The engine of the vessels has to be on the run all the time when on the water. This means, you with other boaters will have to sit through the engine noise for the entire duration you are on the yacht. But of course, if you are passionate with the thrill of cruising at a high speed you probably will not mind the noise.

Sailing yachts come with a single operative engine and can also be powered by the wind at some points along the way. So, if you are looking out for having an easy, economical, and noise-free way of spending beautiful time on the water with your group, sailing yacht charter fleet will be the best way to move on. Ideally, you can add on more to your experience by putting off the engine if the wind is good and continue your adventurous journey ahead like a seafarer. What you get to hear is nothing more than the calming sound of waves and wind.

  1. Fuel Expense

Motor yachts are guzzlers when it comes to fuel consumption. Depending on the duration of your voyage, you will have to spare several dollars in fuel expenses. Moreover, the two engines onboard make hiring a vessel more expensive. But if you can overlook the fuel expense, the comfort and swiftness that comes with motor yachts is something you would love to have.

Sailing yachts are not completely dependent on fuel. You can sail away various miles without the need of engine if the wind is good. In other words, with a sailing yacht vessel, you can travel miles away, burn less fuel and eventually spend less on making the vessel voyage.

  1. Comfort

Motor yachts offer generous living space and the elevated multi-deck design they have is completely luxurious. They are spacious enough to accommodate a huge amount of people and offer maximum possible opportunities for entertainment and leisure activities. Like sailing yachts, motor yacht fleets aren’t completely dependent on manual labor to move. This advantage can again add more comfort to your tour.

Sailing yachts usually have low-lying designs. This allows you to sail close with the soothing breeze and water splashes. The vessels also have enough space where you can sit, relax, and enjoy chit-chatting with your group. The comfort of these yachts is pretty good but can’t compare the luxury with powerful motor yachts. Sailing boats are not as sophisticated as the luxury motor yachts. If you are looking for a voyage with simplicity and relaxation sailing yachts can be a great choice to pick.

  1. Conclusion

After reviewing the points of comparison listed above, you can comprehend that both yacht charters have a fair share of pros and cons. Whether to charter a sailing yacht or a motor yacht; this would be the very first concern when scheduling a beautiful journey on a luxury yacht charter. So anchor your choice on the experience you are expecting while on board.For further help on hiring the perfect vessel that can facilitate your needs, reach out to OC Yacht Rentals for professional advice and sail your dreams with one of the best yacht charters in Newport Beach.