Mutilate A Doll Two Unblocked

In this sequel to Mutilate a Doll unblocked, players will be able to torture another doll. We have a safe, fun environment where you can relieve your stress—select weapons for your ragdolls and ragdolls. The ragdolls can be harmed in any way you want using the different weapons. To restart the torture process, you can reset the screen. Let’s have fun! 

In the game Mutilate A Doll 2 (also called MaD2), players can perform bloody and violent actions on a virtual doll created by developer Dashrava – a young developer who wrote on his Twitter: “Flash/Haxe/Unity game developer.”. I love pixels, particle effects, and color schemes.”

As a sequel to Mutilate a doll, MaD2 involves mutilating ragdolls in all sorts of ways using a wide variety of items. Players take on the role of a scientist who wants to see how the doll will behave after it has been mutilated to its extreme limit. Because this game contains elements of mutilation, it helps people relax and reduces their stress. Despite this, the game isn’t recommended for children under 16 due to its level of violence and blood.

One of the most played games on Freegames66 is Mutilate a Doll 2. Also, at 2523 votes, this game has earned a 9.0 rating. Let’s learn more about it in the following section!

The Gameplay

A ragdoll (dummy) is destroyed in a confined space by figuring out ways to destroy it. You can freely combine and experiment with different weapons to destroy the dummy however you like. In the game, you have a selection of more than 50 weapons, including anvils, blenders, guns, cannons, traps, and even orbs that heal your dummy. The results could be a hammer blow to the dummy; it is burned and ripped apart, or a laser blast. Playing this game provides a unique opportunity to use your creativity when combining various weapons to destroy the dummy. 

There are multiple ways to fire multiple guns at the dummy simultaneously. For example, you can pin multiple triggers, all pointing at the dummy and place an anvil on top of the triggers so when you click the Play button, the anvil will fall and fire all the guns at the dummy at once, or you can place a blender right under the dummy and click Play to watch the dummy get ground up by the blender, or you can use fireballs to burn the dummy then you can torture it in whatever way you wish.


This game’s only living thing is the Ragdoll, a basic item. However, it can lift a tremendous amount of weight even without lifting an infinite weight. The Ragdoll has very little ability to move, apart from swinging their arms and legs. It has three torsos, arms, hands, legs, and feet beside the head. That makes a total of 12 body parts. Ragdolls will appear in the center of the lab each time you reset the game.

The following features are prominent:

  • Using power, players can do things that they cannot normally do with weaponry or no weaponry at all. As a result, the game is filled with powerful abilities. For example, a broken bone can inflict grim wounds; an arc can damage plasma, and a blast can throw explosives. 
  • From the weapons to the environment and the weather condition, you can select and customize everything in this game.
  • It is possible to use more than 50 different types of weapons, including guns, explosives, medical equipment, melee weapons, etc.
  • Several ways can be created by combining weapons and creativity.

Instructions for Playing Mutilate a doll two unblocked

  • The majority of in-game actions are controlled with the mouse.
  • More than 50 types of weapons can be selected by clicking on Spawn on the main menu.

The best tips and tricks

Choosing your favorite items from the Library, the newest weapons, melee weapons, and so much more is a great experience. Play can be paused, resumed, and restarted on the game screen. Ragdolls can be customized to your liking, and you can choose different weapons to mutilate them. There are several aspects of the environment that you can customize in this game, including gravity, wind, temperature, and background.Learn more about the game’s mechanics by reading the tutorial or watching the Walkthrough video below.

 It’s also a good idea to clear your cache for the occasional boost in-game speed if you feel that  your game is running a bit slow. 

We recommend removing the browser and restarting your computer if you experience problems playing this game on any browser. This error, however, is extremely rare and rarely occurs.

Mutilate a Doll 2 unblocked game

 I honestly don’t think anybody can deny that Mutilate a Doll unblocked is a good game. Also, the amount of players interested in playing this game is extremely high. Many people want to play this game during their break time at school or the workplace. Most places block gaming websites, however. As a result, most people are unable to play it. The unblocked version of Mutilate a Doll 2 was created for this reason. Those interested in playing this version can access it and enjoy it at any time and anywhere despite being in an area that blocks gaming websites.

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