Need a Client Gift They’ll Actually Appreciate? Try One of These 10 Options

Business gifts have become a thing that is often a norm. Gifts can range from anything as small as a calendar to new technology, or a rare bottle of wine. When you have a relationship with a client, a gift lets them know that you appreciate their business and that you enjoyed your time working together. It can also show that you paid attention to their likes and dislikes when they get a thoughtful gift. Remembering important dates like birthdays and anniversaries can be a good way to show your clients that you care about them more than what they pay. Keep reading for the best gift ideas that most clients can get on board with.

A Gift Card to Their Favorite Store

Gift cards are only good if they are to a store or restaurant that your client actually likes. Get them something to their favorite store or place to eat, and even to online shopping platforms like Amazon if they are into that. You don’t want to give a coffee gift card to someone who only drinks water as an example as it will feel like you didn’t consider their wants or needs.

A New Piece of Technology

Getting new Air Pods or a tablet or a smartwatch can be a great client gift for your high-value client relationships. Give something that you know they will use, enjoy, and appreciate. Think about getting them a new technology that they don’t have, but would probably love. An experience gift like concert tickets may also be a great option for your clients. Gifts are a way to stay at the top of mind for your clients.

A Bottle of Gin, Wine, Whiskey, or Their Favorite Beverage

Before you go buying alcohol, make sure that your client actually drinks before you go paying for something. You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by gifting a bottle of wine to someone who said they were in AA. But, if you know they love a good glass of whiskey or a gin and tonic, there is no reason that you can’t find a great bottle of gin online. Often service providers and their clients may share a drink together, so it should be easy to remember if your client was one of them or not.

A Box of Candy

Candy is a great gift to send to your clients. You can say thank you with candy, happy birthday with candy, and more. Candy isn’t offensive, most people love it, and it’s been a luxury item for a long time.  Find high-quality chocolates, custom-made candies, or other treats and send them to their work or home location if you have an address. Make sure they know it’s from you and include a note.

Thank You Cards 

You wouldn’t believe how far a handwritten thank you card can go. A thank you card is a thoughtful gesture that shows your client that you are grateful for their business. You can find cards with a variety of themes and designs, so there’s something for everyone. Be professional, but make it personal in a way that shows you paid attention to them while you were working together.

Custom Reusable Water Bottle

Getting a Yeti or other quality water bottle engraved is an excellent client gift. Perhaps you know that they are trying to quit drinking so much soda or that they love going camping. Giving a water bottle that is customized to them is a great way to show you appreciate your clients. You can get bottles that are large or small.

Snack Box Subscriptions

Who doesn’t love snacks? And getting snacks in the mail each month for a certain amount of time is great as well. Customize your snack box subscription to suit your client’s preference. You can send a snack box every month, or only when you want to say thank you. If your client has any dietary restrictions, this is a great way of showing that you care about them while also giving them something they will enjoy.


Hopefully, you found some ideas for corporate client gifts that they can appreciate. Sometimes, all you need to do is send a thank you card, while in other cases, something more luxurious and high-end will do the trick. Only you can decide.