NetSuite-Salesforce Integration for Sustainable Growth

Why NetSuite-Salesforce Connectors Are A Part of Best Business Practices

Oracle NetSuite is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that compiles data on finances, warehouse and supply line management, as well as expenditures past and future. Meanwhile, customer relationship management (CRMs) such as Salesforce streamline customer-facing operations. Companies like Rapidi facilitate NetSuite-Salesforce integration, a process which collects data into a unified source of truth from which all of a business’s team-members can operate. In essence, data integration technology synchronizes formerly disparate systems. A successful data integration project is often the first step towards exponential growth. 

Taking the Next Step with Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite was originally founded in 1998 under the name NetLedger. Since joining Oracle in 2016, it has become an international success, developing a fully cloud-based system. Oracle NetSuite offers its clients a unified view of their business, as well as lightning-fast cloud syncing, and cutting-edge data analytics. It’s designed to streamline your company’s daily behind-the-scenes operations, allowing easy access to overviews on financial outlays, supply chain management, and warehouse inventory, all while automating previously manual tasks and reducing human error. Netsuite’s clients see an increase in operational efficiency, reduced operating costs, and access to key information to make better business decisions. 

Oracle NetSuite is a tried and tested software with over 40,000 organizations worldwide currently using its services. These clients include manufacturing and tech marketing, such as Zev Technologies, and marketing agencies, like DWA media.

Salesforce: The World’s #1 CRM Platform

Salesforce is a cloud-based software designed to optimize business procedures, find and develop lucrative prospects, and better connect with customers. Fundamentally, a CRM like Salesforce improves your team’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively with each other, consolidating data on clients into a single interface. Salesforce is currently utilized by 150,000 companies worldwide, including Paypal, Headspace, and IBM. Like any good CRM, Salesforce automates previously manual tasks, consolidating data and facilitating analysis, while removing redundancies, improving customer service interactions, and identifying target groups. 

While a CRM is a great investment for any business with the available resources, quality integration with an ERP like Oracle NetSuite means true optimization of your CRM and ERP technology. Integration software like RapidiOnline provides scalable solutions for businesses of any size. With RapidiOnline hard at work for your team, your business can acquire the coveted  “360-degree view” of your target clientele. CRM-ERP integration provides management with a clear and accurate data pool from which to make informed, mission-critical decisions.

CRM-ERP Integration Can Change Your Business for the Better

Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite are great tools that can help your business forge a path towards excellence. However, if you want to maximize the effect of these programs, you’ll need to use a CRM-ERP integration program, like RapidiOnline. RapidiOnline works as a CRM-ERP connector, combining these two databases into an accessible single interface. It will provide your team-members with a complete view of clients and customers. This data reduces business risks, identifies opportunities, and helps management allot resources. With RapidiOnline, you can make data driven decisions in real time, an essential component to being successful in today’s dynamic market. 

Alt attribute: Netsuite-Salesforce data integration means streamlined data management and better business practices.

Once established, a centralized data interface increases efficiency by removing minor but time-consuming tasks, such as manually entering data, or chasing information across multiple departments and databases. With automated integration, you’ll increase worker efficiency while minimizing the possibility of human error. CRM-ERP integration is truly the best foundation for a positive future. 

Success Starts with Rapidi

Rapidi brings 25 years of experience in data management to each integration or replication project. Their standard-setting software can provide you and your company the structure needed to remove superfluities and grow sustainably. While data integration projects have a reputation for being difficult and lengthy, Rapidi provides pre-made templates so that anyone, regardless of their coding or programming knowledge, can make the transition seamlessly. Rapidi’s team of experts are well-versed in the nuances and quirks of every popular ERP and CRM (and many of the less popular options, too!) available today, which means deployment is fast and easy; within a matter of days, all your team-members can be fully trained and your business back on its feet and functioning even better than ever.  Plus, if none of Rapidi’s solutions fit right out of the box, Rapidi can work alongside your organization to craft a custom solution sure to tick all the boxes. Choose Rapidi today for a future-proof tomorrow.