All About The Pedro Rivera

Music is the part of life that relaxes our brain. Popular musician and singer Pedro Rivera is at the top of the world. He is from the American state, and singing and composing music is his profession. He has an attractive personality.

Life is the name of different stages, and it’s on your capability to access the suitable stage of life. Pedro, an American actor, singer, composer, and producer, wins many life stages because of his hard work and natural skills.

Pedro belongs to the la brace, Jalisco Mexico, and earned a name worldwide through his singing career. He is a Mexican singer who works in different fields of life before entering the music industry. He had faced several challenges in life and kept faith in his abilities.

Through his hard work and determination, he soon became the popular personality of the American music industry. In this article, we discuss the biography of Pedro Rivera, so to know more about his life stages, keep reading this article.

Pedro formative years

Hard work is the key to success with confidence in abilities. Pedro is the man who has all these characteristics, and he moves from the stage of the common person to the famous personality of Mexico in a very few years.

This popular celebrity of the music industry Pedro Rivera Cervantes was born on February 23, 1947, in la Braca, Jalisco, Mexico. He belongs to an honorable family.

When we talk about Pedro Rivera’s different life stages, these are full of challenges. But Pedro never loses hope and keeps moving on. Pedro supports his family in the formative years by doing different jobs like photographer, salesman, etc.

He started his singing career in 1984 by joining the mariachi band and gained popularity among people because of his impressive performances. He gives stunning performances in the music industry field because of his magical voice and unique sound additions.

Numerous albums got popularity in which the most famous are two. The Amor de Cuatro and Bottles of Mezcal are the most favorable albums among people.

Not it all, Pedro also showed his talent on the big screen in 1985 by giving the debut La Tumba del mojado.After this, Pedro receives numerous films projects like

  • Camino al infierno,
  • Enter Balas Viejas y Loquera,
  • Verdugo de Traidores
  • Tiempo Límite para Morir

These are famous film projects that he received because of super performances.

In addition, Pedro also worked in different TV dramas like

  • El Corrido de Los Perez
  • Fiscal de Hierro
  • El Corrido de Los Perez

He gives miracle performances in these dramas through his acting.He also established the Cintas Acuario company that produces many popular musicians like Graciela Beltran, Voces del Rancho, Los Razo Ogelio Martinez and Valentine Elizalde etc.

Personal life

Pedro Rivera creates lovers through his profession and wins the hearts of his family members by giving them love, care, and time properly.

Pedro supported his family financially and worked in different fields at the start of his acting career. When we talk about the married life of this singer, he had two wives, Rosa Saavedra 1963 -2008, and he married Juana Ahmada in 2009.

When we talk about his wife Rosa Saavedra’s family status, she belongs to a respectable family and is related to the media industry. They both firstly met in 1963 and then married, and their happy married life remained in 2008, then they both decided to separate.

From the Rosa Saavedra, Pedro has six children. After the separation from Rosa, Pedro married Juana Ahmad in 2009 in Huntington Park, California. January has been his assistant for about 8 years. And then they both fall in love and decide on marriage with each other.

Pedro children

Pedro Rivera has six children from his first wife, Saavedra. The name of his six children is given below.

  • Jenni Rivera
  • Pedro Rivera Jr
  • Lupillo Rivera
  • Gustavo Rivera
  • Rosie Rivera
  • Juan Rivera

His children belong to a different field of life. Pedro Rivera Jr is the eldest son of Pedro, and he is in the field of singing. Pedro Rivera released a few albums: A Dios sea la Gloria, Cancion Feliz, etc.

Rosie, the daughter of Pedro, is a successful businesswoman and earned fame as an author. Jenni is the elder daughter of Pedro. She is also like her father, a popular American singer. Juan Rivera is also an American singer. His famous songs are El Ser Equivocado and la lampara. When we talk about the son of Pedro Gustavo Rivera, his work still stopped because of a car accident. He is also related to the media industry.

Lapillo Rivera, son of Pedro, earned lots of achievements in music. His album Tu Esclavo y Amo won the best Banda album award. Pedro, all children make a name in their professions. It is all because of the proper time for his family.

Net worth

Pedro Rivera is a famous singer of American industry. He earned popularity at the start of his work. He is a singer and a successful actor, songwriter, producer and makes a name in all of these fields individually.

When we talk about the net worth of Pedro Rivera, it is about $4 million. This earning is all because of his endless hard work and passionate love—Pedro’s millions of followers on social media through various groups like Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Pedro Rivera earned a name in the music industry from all over our world. Not all, he also lives a happy married life.

Wrapping up!

This article is about the famous American singer Pedro Rivera. He makes a name in the music industry by giving heart-touching music. In addition, Pedro is a writer, actor, and producer. And give eye-catching work in his different works.

He faces several challenges at the start of life but never loses hope. It is all because of his faith in abilities that his net worth is $4 million. In this topic, we discuss the biography of Pedro Rivera, an American singer-actor and producer. We hope you like the topic.