Picture Perfect for the Holidays

Are you the last-minute type of packer? Packing for the holidays doesn’t have to become such a chore if you already made a list. Take note of these essential holiday tips on what to bring and what to wear for that picture perfect glamorous look for the grand party. 

Plan Outfits Ahead

You might have a couple of favorite clothes, but there’s no point in packing them if you have no idea what to pair them with. It’s essential to plan your outfits so you won’t have to hassle yourself in picking what to wear on the day of the occasion. This means wasting less time in the hotel with a towel wrapped around your head and more time spent with friends and family. Packing ahead will also make you realize that preparing various pairs of shoes or pants for each day is unnecessary.

  • The floaty blouse

Flowy, peasant and boho blouses were designed to keep your cool for warm climates. You can choose those that have styles with gorgeous embroidery or broderie Anglaise for a light suitcase. Pairing them with trousers or skirts is also a good idea. Go for something bright or a classic white tee for that standout appearance.

  • The quintessential white T-shirt

Everything will match with this perfect wardrobe getup. You can wear any pants, shorts, or trousers, and pair it up with a stylish white shirt, and it will still look good. Round neck, crew neck, V-neck, or whatever style you like; a white shirt is an outfit wardrobe must-have. Jazz up your appearance with accessories, and you’ll be ready to take on the day.

  • The day-to-night dress

The holiday season is the perfect time to finally wear that dress you’ve been keeping in the closet for too long. Explore the evening while wearing that fabulous dress. Choose a fashion statement that will fit the occasion for the day. The ideal way to achieve that day-to-night look is by wearing a flattering midi to maxi-length dress.

  • The midi skirt

A multipurpose piece of clothing that should always be in your wardrobe is a midi skirt that doesn’t feel like sticking to your legs. Additionally, it’s also quite comfortable to wear if it’s made from soft material. Similar to that day-to-night dress, midi skirts are perfect for family dinner outs or for taking long walks around the park.

Always Remember to Write a List of Extras

Make sure you start writing it at least a week before you leave for the holiday season. The list should include all the necessary items for hygiene and electronics – toiletries, phone chargers, headphones, a small container with hand sanitizer. It’s everything else that does not involve outfits or clothes. Write everything down along with when you’re going to use them throughout the week. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to forget essential items such as a comb and a toothbrush when you’re rushing to meet the taxi waiting outside.

Additional Accessories to Bring

  • Contact Lenses

If you’re the type who wants to put on a show in front of guests, then don’t forget to bring contact lenses and makeup with you. However, there are plenty of items that you should bring regarding your lenses, most of which are taken for granted. A good example: you’re getting used to wearing your contact lenses every day that you forget to bring your case. Take a good look at the list below to make sure you’ve brought along all the necessary items while you’re away for the holidays.

  • Sets of contact lenses. Make sure the prescriptions are up to date.
  • The storage case for when taking the lenses out.
  • The sterile cleaning solution.
  • Eyeglasses for back up.
  • Makeup

Along with the set of fun parties, glittering wrapped gifts, fancy outfits, and beautiful makeup; you’ll also want to prepare your look for the occasion. Knowing how to set your appearance is the primary key, giving you the guarantee of heads turning to your direction for every social encounter. Preparing your makeup for the holidays can be challenging, especially if you want to play out seasonal colors. Take note of the do’s and don’t’s from professional makeup artists to always be on top of your game.

  • Do’s

Be brave enough to do a little bit of experimenting. There might be times that you’ve hesitated to try bright red lipstick or putting on fake eyelashes. Put your thoughts aside and do what you want to do – the holiday season is perfect in trying something new. If you’re not sure you won’t like it, then keep on practicing. Make sure to have thoroughly checked yourself out on the mirror before making the big entrance to ensure yourself that you will feel your best.

Put on liquid liner! Having winged liquid eyeliner is known to be the iconic look when it comes to holiday makeup. If you’ve never wanted to try because of fear, then it’s time to face your fears and take on the last few days of the year, right! However, perfecting the winged shadow isn’t easy. You might need a few tries before you get satisfied with the results. That’s why you should try doing it a few nights before the grand holiday party.

  • Don’t’s

Try not to put on too much glitter – unless if glitter has always been something that’s you. Applying a bit on the eyelids can comfortably dress your eye makeup within ten seconds. To maintain a balanced appearance, you can keep the shine compact on the eyelids only. Avoid applying some on your cheeks or lips. If you want to highlight your features, it’s ideal to use cream or liquid illuminating makeup than glitter.

Try not to get cheeky with too much bright cream blush. Because it’s the holiday season and the weather will most probably be chilly; thus, leaving your skin dull and dry. Cream blush is the perfect way to add that extra pink radiance to your cheeks. If you want to opt for a brighter color, make sure to blend them well on your cheeks until it gives off a smooth and natural look.

Once you’ve finally gathered up all the clothes and accessories for your trip back to your hometown, it’s time to hail that cab to the airport. Be ready to wear that glamorous look as you take away the breath of everyone you know.

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