Picuki- Instagram Editor and Reviewer

There are millions of applications of many kinds. The purpose of every file is also different from each other, but several apps are fantastic and helpful in your daily life. So today, we will introduce you to a fantastic app that you are looking for. But, first of all, we will introduce you to something more about this app. This app is related to one of the most famous apps, which’s name is (INSTAGRAM), and the application we are going to introduce is (PICUKI); in this topic, we will describe to you how this app will work.

What’s about Picuki

Picuki is the kind of app that allows you to browse or edit the posts, profile, location, stories and tags on Instagram whenever you want. The fantastic thing is that it is entirely free.

Hidden features of Picuki

So, it’s time to tell you about the most incredible feature of picuki. Thanks to this application you can check the details of anyone’s account that includes posts, followers, likes and so on. It is not enough; the other fantastic thing is that you can also explore any Instagram tag and check likes and comments under any post. Enjoy this brilliant app and also share it with your friends.

How to download photos in picuki

You can say that picuki is an online tool used to download pictures from the Instagram account online. The excellent part is that you can download the pictures without logging in, or you also do not need to register your specific ID. Enter the account ID from which you want get photos. 

How to edit the pictures

The amazing fact is that you can edit the pictures online not only on your posts. You can also edit other people’s posts photos online; it’s not an issue; it is set with filters, crop, saturation, contrast, etc. You can do it all. Once you use it, it will not be a big deal for you.

How to use Picuki

After all this information, you think it will be challenging to use picuki, but it’s not a big deal to use. Here we will tell you how to use picuki.

There are only two ways to use picuki, and it’s so simple.

  1. View photo from account search
  2. View photos from Hashtag search

First Way- Account search by using account search

  • First of all, touch on the URL below to enter Picuki, an online IG photo download tool.
  • The picuki online IG photo picture download.
  • You have to enter the Picuki website, and you will see it’s homepage. Now you have to enter the other person’s Instagram account directly on the website.
  • The Picuki will automatically list all the IG’s connected to IG, which you provide. You will also easily find which one you are looking for. For example, If I enter the famous dancer name Michal Jackson in search user name using picuki, you will see all pictures and photos related to the post.
  • After clicking to enter the IG account, you will see picuki has already listed all the pictures and photos you are looking for, and some posts have been listed for you.
  • After all that procedure, you can start the IG account posts, find the posts you want to download the pictures and press enter.

After entering the photos of the post, if you want to enter the photo, you have to click the download option, and the other thing is that the IG photo on the picuki website is full size.

The second way is by using Hashtag search

  • If you want to see Instagram photos by using hashtag search, then you have to follow these steps
  • Give access to Picuki, for example, before and tap the search window.
  • And after it enters the hashtag, you want to search and tap the “search icon’’.
  • Click the ‘’Tags’’ above the search results.
  • The person hashtag you want to search will be displayed, so tap the hashtag you want to see.
  • Now you can see the posted photos by scrolling the screen. Now you can see the photos from the hashtag search.

What can you do with Pickup?

You can search for celebrities by using Picuki. You also can see the celebrities’ posts. You can read the comments on the posts.

By commenting on the post and seeing a person’s profile, you can also see that person’s posts. Check the number of goods on the posts.Hashtag searching is possible.

How to see an Instagram story without a footprint?

Mainly many people want to see the Instagram story without footprints, but it’s not possible on your regular Instagram. So there is one more incredible thing from picuki is that when you want to see an Instagram story without a footprint, you can watch the story by using Picuki. You can see the story from the external site called Picuki.

Is Picuki safe?

The answer is (yes) browsing Instagram anonymously is safe and as well as it’s legal. The use of Picuki is so simple, and now you can enjoy Instagram without showing your identity.

Private account

You can’t see the private account or private pots and stories using this tool. But there are some tricks which might help you and you can watch these tricks on the internet.

Charges of Picuki

There is no kind of charge for PIcuki; it is free for the users, and about the picuki is that picuki generates it by using google.


The purpose of this app is that you would use Instagram without showing your identity; you can use Instagram anonymously. Picuki also keeps it very simple to search for your favorite people in many ways. So, use this app, and it will be beneficial to you.