Pokecord Commands List & Guide Discord Pokemon Game

If you are the one who is obsessed with Pokecord commands and clings to your screen and is going through everything without paying any attention.

Happiness again! As we have prepared an article for you and other Pokecord lovers which need to improve their game with bots and find results-driven tips which can assist of you capture more 

The guide will guide you through all the orders of Pokecord commands and a few advanced tools that you can use whilst engaging in trading and marketing. Therefore, without similarly ado, let’s check out some of interesting details about Pokecord commands.

What Is Pokecord?

Pokecord is an interactive and efficient discord bot that permits you to acquire, fight and trade Pokemon. As soon as you get your pokecord, a Pokemon will begin coming as soon as you speak.

You’ll see Pokemon in your messages because you’ll be notified. However you have to guess the name of pokemon to claim it first.

How To Use Pokecord?

You could start by means of becoming a member of a server that has bots installed. You will see a Poke Cord NOT in the member list. When you have moved on it, then use one of Pokecord bot commands, “P!Start” which will take you to starter Pokemon or one which permits you to capture pokemon. A few servers may have changed it to something else, by default, but this is the same as most servers use.

The next step is to experience the Pokecord commands “p! Pokemon” and “p! Information” and some more conflicts with “p! Order IV” from which I will pick out to keep Pokemon on the surface and fight. Any PokeCord command which refers to something in an angular line unit means that you replace it with a list among the lines in your command line.

Why Did Pokecord Shut Down?

Creator Miles has shut down Pokecord because of “extra work and stress”. In a post shared on Twitter, the creator of Pokécord stated that he has decided to shut down the Pokécord therefore that he can move on to other projects.

He noticed that the support@pokecord.com email would remain active till July 1, however that the platform had been removed without any delay. Many people are frustrated and saddened by the closure of Pokécord, however you have other alternatives.

Pokecord Commands

Pokecord is a discord bot which mimics the Pokemon game where you can gather creatures, fight, use objects, pass levels, exchange Pokemon, and more.

In addition, wild Pokemon will appear randomly on their servers, channels and players will have to input commands to catch them and control their movements. Since Pokecord has multiple interactions, we’ve compiled a complete list of all the commands you need to do in the boot below. Check this out!

Beginning The Game

  • p!start

This will take you to the game. Before you can capture any Pokemon, you must use this command.

  • p!pick:  

When you have the Start command, you will be asked to choose a Starter Pokemon. You can start one of all races.

  • p!help  

Will give you a direct message of a series of options on which you can search more. You don’t send the message the boot back; you must enter a command in the Pokecord Supported Discord Channel.

Starter Commands

After you’ve done picking up your pokemon, you’ll have to enable some of the important commands because they are necessary. These are as follows:

  • p!detailed

This command will display information about your Pokemon. Pokemon IVs are crucial to check as they determine if you p! Pokemon and How useful if you want to fight using p!info.

  • p!order <Option> 

This command permits you to order your Pokemon in alphabetical or IV style.

Pokemon Commands

  • p!catch <Pokemon Name> 

You can use this command and the correct name to capture it, while a wild Pokemon spreads.

  • p!hint 

The currently spawned Pokemon will show a hint.

  • p!select <Pokemon Number> 

This command chooses that Pokemon will receive XP from chatting and which will fight.

  • p!select latest 

This command chooses your Pokemon that you have captured or released recently.

  • p!info 

This command shows your selected Pokemon information.

  • p!info latest 

This command shows the latest Pokemon information that you have captured.

  • p!info <Pokemon Name> 

This command shows Pokemon with its basic statistics.

  • p!info shiny <Pokemon Name> 

This command shows the glossy version of Pokemon with its basic stats.

  • p!info <Pokemon Number> 

This command shows Pokemon information that associated with this number.

  • p!pokemon 

This command shows your Pokemon list. It additionally shows information, includes level, number, IVs, and nickname.

  • p!pokemon –name <Pokemon Name> 

This command shows Pokemon list your specific name.

  • p!pokemon –shiny 

This command shows your glossy Pokemon.

  • p!pokedex 

This command shows your Pokedex with a count of how many owners you have.

  • p!pokedex –unowned 

This command shows only those Pokemon that you should collect.

  • p!nickname <nickname> 

This command gives a nickname to the Pokemon that you have selected.

  • p!dropitem 

This command drops the item that your current Pokemon has..

  • p!mega

This command converts Pokemon to Mega X or Y. You have to have buy mega evolution, each of which will cost 1,000 credits.

  • p!release <Pokemon Number> 

You can release a Pokemon by the help of this command. In case you only do p!release, so it will try to release your selected Pokemon, however fortunately you get a confirmation signal before then.

Pokecord Challenge Commands

Challenges are a new addition to the game. You are awarded a credit if you complete all the challenges.

  • p!challenges 

This command shows a list of available challenges. It helps you to earn credit.

Favorite List Commands

  • p!fav 

This command shows you your favorite Pokemon list.

  • p!add fav <Pokemon Number> 

This command helps you to add Pokemon to your favorites list.

  • p!remove fav <Pokemon Number> 

This command helps you to remove Pokemon from your favorites list.

Dueling Commands

This is an interesting part in case you want to fight with your enemies. Get XP and points after defeating them.

  • p!select <Pokemon Number>  

This Pokemon command helps you to fight your friends 

  • p!moves

This command shows a set of actions he can perform that he can learn.

  • p!learn <Move> 

This command helps you to choose a new step you want to learn.

  • p!replace <Number> 

This command helps you to replace the selected step with what you need to learn.

  • p!duel <@Username> 

This command helps you to challenge a discord user.

  • p!accept 

By this command you can accept challenges.

  • p!use <Move Number> 

By using the command you can move to execute your Pokemon.

Market Commands

The market permits you to buy and sell Pokemon. You buy Pokemon by credit; they can make money by dueling or selling your captured Pokemon.

  • p!bal 

This command displays you the amount of credit.

  • p!market search <Page number> 

This command displays the desired page of the market.

  • p!market search <Page number> <Search Options> <Order Option> 

This command helps you to search the market.

  • p!market view <Pokemon ID> 

This command shows the Pokemon information that is in the market.

  • p!market info <Pokemon ID> 

This command is alternative to view.

  • p!market list <Pokemon Number> <Price> 

This command shows a Pokémon list on the market.

  • p!market buy <Pokemon ID> 

By using this command you can purchase Pokemon from the market. You will have to confirm your buy with p!confirm boy or cancel it with p!cancel.

  • p!market remove <Pokemon ID> 

By using this command you can get your Pokemon out of the market.

  • p!market listings <Page number> 

This command shows the Pokemon that you have listed in the market.

Bot Commands

  • p!botinfo 

This command displays both information.

  • p!invite 

This command gives you an invite link of bot.

  • p!donate 

This command sends a link to help to guide the bot.

  • p!patreon 

This command sends a link to the patron page of bot.

  • p!server 

This command gives an invite to the official server of bot.

  • p!appeal 

If you have been banned for any reason, an attempt is being made to ban you from the official server.

Server Commands

  • p!prefix <prefix> 

This command sets the previous server. In case you do not like “p!” earlier than each command, you can replace it with it.

  • p!redirect <#Channel Name> 

If you want Pokemon to grow in a particular channel, so this command helps to change it.

  • p!redirect disable 

This command helps you to enable spawns again in all channels.

  • p!channel enable/disable 

This command helps you to enable or disable p! Command that you currently have in this channel.

  • p!levelup enable/disable 

This command helps you to enable or disable alerts of level up.

  • p!clearspawns enable/disable 

This command enables or disables spawn the message after Pokemon is captured.

Trading Commands

  • p!trade @User – 

Start a trade with anyone. Then they have to do p!accept to trade or p!deny refuse to reject it.

  • p!p add <Pokemon numbers, separated by spaces> 

This command includes one or more Pokemon in your trade offer.

  • p!p remove <Pokemon numbers, separated by spaces> 

This command removes one or more Pokemon from your trade offer.

  • p!c add <Amount> 

This command includes the credits to your trade offer.

  • p!c remove <Amount>  

By using this command you can remove credits from your trade offer.

  • p!confirm 

By using this command you can confirm the trade, each user has to confirm to go through the trade.

  • p!cancel 

By using this command you can cancel the trade.

How To Catch Pokemon

  • Maximum servers running the bot will have a special room in which Pokemon will be on the spawn (a few have spawns it all). It is typically known as “wild” or something like that. When you see the spawn you will have to input the following command to view and capture it:  “p!catch” <Pokemon Name> “. In which it says that there is a <pokemon name> in which you will type in what was created with the name pokemon. Sure, you have to know the name of Pokemon from the picture shown.
  • After a while, in case no one catches the Pokemon, you can use the “p!hint” command to get a hint that the Pokemon is on.
  • Remember that you can just catch Pokemon with extreme catchers. There may be times whilst another Pokemon will come out that have not yet been captured. In case that happened then you wouldn’t be able to catch the last Pokemon anymore.

Config Settings

By using p!config command, you can confirm the settings however here is a little more information about each.

  • shrink 

It reduces the size of pokecord’s posts to reduce clutter

  • levelup

It removes level up messages for the entire server

  • clear spawns

With this enabled, Pokemon will delete spawn’s photo / post once the boot is caught. Chat can clear up spam and even make it more confusing for new players.

  • spawns

It allows you to completely disable spawns for the server. In case for a few causes you want to boot for fight, however no fast Pokemon. You may not want to disable spawn.

How To Get Pokemon To Spawn

In case the pokecord server is small, it is very unlikely that pokemon will spawn extra, whereas In case the pokecord server is bigger or greater messages are being sent and received.

Pokemon are more likely to spawn. In case you are an instant typist, you can turn to the official server to catch them all.

Wrapping Up

Pokecord is considered to be the biggest bot of this discord, this game is played by millions of people all around the world and it has more than 1.3 million pokecord discord servers. Maximum servers with running bots may have a specific Pokemon for Spawn.