Prime Heart and Vascular, your Partner for Cardiovascular Health

Healthy eating, regular exercises, and frequent medical check-ups are ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Prime Heart and Vascular practice provides all your cardiac, vascular, and vein care to ensure you are healthy. Dr. Rishin Shah, MD, is an experienced cardiologist that offers cardiovascular and vein treatment in Frisco, Allen, Plano, and surrounding communities in Texas, using minimally invasive treatment options. With more than ten years of experience, Dr. Rishin believes that prevention is the key to maintaining good health.

Prime Heart and Vascular is committed to serving its patients with high quality, specialized medical care. Dr. Shah has expert knowledge in understanding health complications and takes joy in offering advanced medical care to his patients for more extended and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Shah is a board-certified cardiologist with a medical degree in cardiovascular medicine, internal medicine, and interventional cardiology. Prime Heart and Vascular offers a warm, safe, and compassionate environment to its patients with excellent customer service that explains health conditions and their treatment procedures. They treat the patient as part of the family, with their core values of providing care with hospitality, empathy, enthusiasm, respect, and teamwork.

The specialists treat not just symptoms, but the whole body’s health. They have a patient portal where patients can access their services. They take major insurance plans, hence are convenient for you. Call their office today to enquire more about insurance.

The clinic offer services for issues such as:

Heart disease

Heart disease is a significant cause of death in the United States, with many succumbing to it every day. Dr. Shah helps his patients find solutions to heart disease by giving healthy ways of living to improve their lives. Visit Prime Heart and Vascular clinic to get the best care for your heart disease.

Chest pain

The chest pain specialist in Allen, Frisco, and Piano, Texas, uses highly advanced diagnostic treatment procedures to determine the cause of your chest pain and offer the best effective treatment.

Heart attack

It happens when blood flow to the heart is blocked. It can be fatal, and immediate medical attention is necessary if it occurs. Visit Prime Heart and Vascular, a cardiovascular specialist, to get your cardiovascular problems treated and improve your health life.

Vein treatment

Visible veins occur due to chronic venous insufficiency and venous obstruction problems. The vein treatment specialist, Dr. Shah, is knowledgeable and has experience treating vein problems and offering the best prevention measures from this cardiovascular problem.

Peripheral artery disease

It occurs when there is build up in the arteries, causing a decrease in blood circulation. It is painful and can lead to severe problems e.g., amputation. At Prime Heart and Vascular, Dr. Shah provides innovative treatments to lower your risks of getting the disease and avoid further complications. Visit or call them today to schedule your consultation.

Stress testing

High levels of stress are one of the primary causes of heart diseases. Dr. Shah offers stress tests to determine the health of your heart and prevent future complications. Visit their offices today to get your test done by the experts and improve your heart health.

Prime Heart and Vascular practice provides the most specialized treatment to attend to your cardiovascular health needs. Dr. Shah ensures you get the best care according to your health needs. Visit their offices today, call or book an appointment online to learn more about their services and improve your health life.