Push Presents To Consider For Your Wife

The trend of giving a push present has become more popular in recent years.  Before delivering her baby or after the birth of the baby, the husband usually gives a push present to his wife.  The main purpose of the push present is to thank his wife for her hard work during the expectancy stage and most importantly for “pushing” the baby out.  Another purpose is to celebrate their new bundle of joy with an addition to their family.  Receiving this gift makes the wife feel appreciated and loved.  With these reasons, men will spend considerable amount of time and effort to source for the push present.

We have listed down the best push present ideas below, to help husbands find a suitable push present that their wives will love and bring smiles to their faces.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is the best push present for ladies who loves to accessorise. 

There are a lot of jewelry sets online that you can choose depending on your wife’s preference – be it necklace, bracelet or earrings. Choosing a wardrobe of versatile jewelry is important because your wife will be wearing this precious jewelry very often. Jewelry made from gold, silver, rose gold are worth considering. 

Choose a jewelry which signifies the birth of your beloved baby, for example, jewelry that contains birthstone of your child.  Consider personalising the jewelry as it conveys your deepest appreciation, such as engraving your wife’s and child’s name or a thank you message.

2. Engraved Watch

Presenting a watch as a giftcommemorates a special moment in one’s life, which in this case is the birth of a child.  Personalising the watch with the husband’s words of appreciation and love increases the sentimental value of this gift. A watch also symbolises the passage of time from pregnancy to the arrival of the baby.

3. Photo Collage Book

A picture says a thousand words and hence a book filled with pictures of the family and the baby is a gift that will touch the wife’s heart and is a book that they can show the baby when the baby grows up.  This handmade gift adds oomph to the gift as the wife can feel the husband’s sincerity through the time and effort spent to specially curate the love book, from taking pictures, to selecting them and decorating the love book with these pictures and special messages.

4. Parent and Baby Matching Clothes

Parent and baby matching clothes will definitely delight the wife.Seeing her little bundle of joy wearing matching clothes as her will bring laughs and happiness. There are many designs to choose from which can includes those that have hilarious wordings in front.  There are also many types of clothes to choose from, ranging from t shirt, outdoor clothes to pajamas.

Husband can choose from a variety of suitable push present to the wife’s liking to demonstrate his care and appreciation for his wife.  Most importantly, the couple will celebrate and cherish this sweet milestone.