Quality Paper Products Worth Buying in 2023

We live in the digital age. That means many of the things we’re able to do with computers were once done with pen and paper. And as the world becomes increasingly digital, there is less demand for paper-based means of collecting and sharing thoughts and ideas. It’s enough of a technological transformation that many people assume paper products are going the way of the dodo.

Upon closer examination, it soon becomes apparent that demand for traditional paper products isn’t going away anytime soon. Not only do we continue to depend on many household products made with paper, but most of us still find ourselves reaching for pens and paper when needing to record or express information. Furthermore, there remain several paper products we prefer over digital alternatives.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at seven quality paper products worth buying in 2023:

Monthly planner

Making commitments is one thing. Fulfilling them is another. For many people, the difference comes down to remembering; with so much going on in our lives throughout the year, it’s easy to forget about promises and scheduled events until they suddenly appear on the horizon. The solution – for many – is to use a monthly planner to keep track of their commitments. Monthly planners are also useful when it comes to juggling appointments, meetings, classes, and other scheduled events throughout the year. By making a habit of opening up your planner and visually assessing the weeks ahead, you stay out in front of all those pesky to-do’s and avoid making promises you can’t keep.

Wall calendar

Many homes continue to keep a wall calendar hung up in the kitchen or other commons area. For one thing, wall calendars come in countless themes, styles, and designs, making it easy to find the perfect one every year. They’re also effective at helping youngsters master the art of patience since they give them the means to mark off the days as they look forward to some future event. At the very least, wall calendars act as backup weekly planners since it’s easy to write a note on a given day in order to set a reminder.


There are several benefits of journaling throughout the week. Doing so improves mindfulness, provides a healthy means of expression, and helps individuals cope with the stress and anxiety that comes with hard times. Journaling also helps us put things in perspective. While it’s theoretically possible to achieve this through digital means, concerns over privacy and security make traditional paper-based journals more appealing to most people. For many, the mere act of writing is itself a therapeutic process that helps them to relax and unwind.


From work memos to study notes to checklists and shopping lists, ruled notebooks remain a widely used paper product that is as versatile as it is useful. Whether college rule or wide rule, notebooks are an easy and affordable means of providing the whole family with something to write on for a variety of purposes.


Even if you lack any shred of artistic ability, sketchbooks can be a useful tool for designing, planning, and conveying visual concepts. As long as you’re able to get the point across through the use of colors, lines, shades, and shapes, sketchbooks are an effective means of turning your imagination into something more tangible, bringing your ideas one step closer to becoming a reality.

Business cards

Professionals around the world continue to rely on printed business cards as a way to grow their client base, conduct industry networking and get their name out there in hopes of new opportunities. Many modern business cards include a QR code on the front or back that bridges the gap between a real-world persona and a digitally-based brand. The bottom line is that business cards remain a popular paper-based product.


Whether professional or personal, stationery is an effective way to establish a consistent means of meaningful correspondence. Writing letters and other content on custom stationery shows you care while also adding a layer of credibility to anything you author. It also reduces the chances of successful forgeries being created using your identity.

Living in the digital age still involves a surprising amount of written and printed content on old-fashioned paper. It’s a testament to the continued importance of having quality paper-based products at the ready in our homes and workplaces.

Alex Farina is a freelance writer from Ohio. He enjoys writing about design, fashion, nature, and technology.