Queen Musia Gives You Tips On How to Take The Best Selfies

There are many models and influencers out there that take the best selfies and Queen Musia is one of them. This furry feline has lots of followers on Instagram and is known for her stunning looks. Her main feature that’s alluring are her big, beautiful green eyes that also have a unique trait of a natural looking eyeliner around them. She’s very popular for her outgoing persona. She’s the queen of catwalk and has a few tips that she wishes to share with her fellow fans.

Take photos when you’re a in a good mood

Her main photographer has stated, “We have to catch the moment when she is in a good mood and ready for taking pictures. She’s incredibly beautiful, so it’s not hard to take great photos of her, but she’s very demanding and picky. She doesn’t like being stalked and distracted.”

Queen Musia can strike a pose very well in her photos, but the finished results are because she’s always in a good mood when she’s in front of the camera. Her photographer believes that people should do the same, because that’s when you capture the best moments and naturally have a good energy on set.

Choosing the right photo

Her photographer explained that, “The hardest part is to choose the best one from thousands of photos.” Since Queen Musia has a natural beauty, there are always good shots of her, but this also comes in handy when there is content that’s always needed for social media. Her photographer believes that if you’ve taken a bunch of good photos, narrow it down to the best ones and post them one at a time on different days on social media.

Use the right lighting

Queen Musia always has the best lighting in her photos and there’s a reason for that. Her photographer explained that, “Another interesting thing is that the color of her eyes changes all the time depending on the lights’ angle. In the morning, usually, her eyes are turquoise and in the evening,  they are emerald/green.”

Just like Queen Musia, it’s good to know what time of the day has the best natural lighting that can make your features pop. There are also lighting accessories available in order to add brightness to the room, but natural lighting is the best to play around with. The photographer suggests that “The best way to get natural lighting is to be in an open space room with a lot of windows.”

Choose the right angles

For Queen Musia, she’s very lucky that she looks fantastic in all angles. However, for some people they have to take a few shots in different angles first before they find the one that they look good in. Her photographer stated that, “For Queen Musia, she’s lucky that she looks perfect in every angle. But for people who want to take a good selfie, not every angle is flattering and can sometimes not make your qualitative features stand out. It’s best to play around with the camera first, take a few shots and then use the angle that you find works as the most flattering one for you.”

What does Queen Musia do when she’s not taking selfies?

The cute cat loves to take advantage of her beauty sleep so that she can look rejuvenated and fresh in front of the camera. If she’s not sleeping, she’s being pampered by her human family and likes to travel. She does enjoy watching birds and television when she doesn’t have a busy schedule. She also enjoys exploring her local area with her human family and she’s usually pushed around in a stroller.

She currently has a beauty project lined up where she will be releasing her own cosmetic brand. The brand will be named after her and it’ll be cruelty free, organic and environmentally friendly. The first launch will consist of mascara, eyeliner and lipsticks that her followers can use for the perfect selfie results. It will also be released worldwide, meaning that all of her fans from all over the world can look forward to her new makeup line.

You can get the latest information about Queen Musia on her Instagram.