Rabbids Wild Race Unblocked Game Online For Free

Rabbids Wild Race Unblocked is a multiplayer clicker, jumping, and racing game that was developed by Ubisoft. Your rabbit needs to compete with the other 31 players from around the world. The winner will be who stand till end and reach the final line. Rabbids will face deadly obstacles on the ground and also in the air. So you need to run fast and perfect to avoid obstacles. Moreover, the jetpack is included which you must use wisely to avoid hit into deadly obstacles. With all these, you have to be super fast to collect as many coins as possible to beat other 31 players.

There are power-ups, coins, and other items that will make your racing easy but these items are also available to other 31 players so try to collect them first. There is an option to customize the dress of the rabbit for which you must win a round and collect money. The jetpack usage is very important as it will help you collect maximum coins that are in the air and also speed you up. In this article, we will guide you how to play Rabbids Wild Race Unblocked, its features, tips and tricks to win, FAQs, and more. So read till end!


  • 2D pixel style new graphics
  • Win and collect money to unlock new rabbit skins
  • Reporting bugs will be rewarded
  • Full-screen mode gameplay
  • Jetpack to boost speed and collect coins
  • Call your friends in the game to play against you
  • Account creation can be done to save progress
  • Leaderboard to know daily winners and top players from around the world
  • Earn daily rewards

How to Play Rabbids Wild Race Unblocked?

The gameplay is very simple but hard to continue till end. You have to use either mouse or a keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move the rabbit on the floor or in the air. You have to press and hold the space bar to continue use of jetpack. When there is an obstacle in the air you have to leave the space bar so the rabbit will go down. There are many obstacles on the floor also from whom you have to go through safely. The game is developed with html5 that is why it works perfectly and smoothly on all browsers.

There is no download requirements to play the game, just play it online. Everything is controlled with the help of WASD or arrow keys. To fly in the air you have to press and hold space bar. The running of the rabbit is automatic so you just have to avoid the obstacles and to collect coins with the controls. Moreover, you have to be safe from the laser through and shooting because they can kill you. You have to focus on the vertical and horizontal lasers as they are deadly.

  • Move – 4 arrow keys or WASD
  • Fly – Space bar

Quick Tips and Tricks to Win Rabbids Wild Race Unblocked

We hope you have understood the gameplay. Now its time to share some tips and tricks. The winner will be who stand till the end and collect maximum coins. For this you have to keep your focus on the game. There are many tips and tricks to win the game that we have listed in this article below:

  1. You should bounce on the other 31 players, it will make them slow down.
  2. Use moving platforms to gain more speed.
  3. Avoid platforms that will make you move in opposite direction.
  4. Avoid flamethrower because they will roast you if you get hit.
  5. Look at the time when shield runs out. The indicator is white barrier. If you cross the barrier all other 31 players will be free and will jump on each other including you.
  6. Collect maximum stars and coins to unlock rabbit skins, cool armor booster and other items.
  7. Try to get cool armor booster, it will give you one extra live when you hit any obstacle.

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On which platforms I can play game?

The game is designed to be played online. You must have an updated browser from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Avast secure, Avant, Safari, or Sea Monkey.

Is there any other game by the developer?

Yes the developer Ubisoft has developed many other games like Hungry Shark Arena, TrackMania Blitz (Beta). The most famous among them is Rabbids Wild Race Unblocked.

Is there any cheat to win?

No, there are no cheats. You have to follow the rules of the game to win the round. We have shared some tips and tricks that will help you win the game if followed.

Can we play it on mobile?

No, the game is developed to be played online with 31 other players. There is no single player option available so you can’t play it alone on mobile.


Rabbids Wild Race Unblocked is a fun multi-player racing and jumping online game where you will compete with 31 worldwide players. The goal of the game is to collect maximum coins, avoid obstacles, and to stand till end of the game. As it is a multi-player game, so you can enjoy with friends and strangers from the world. Due to its competitive nature, it is an addictive game that you will enjoy a lot!