Relocating? Here Are 4 Ways to Make Things Easy

A long-distance move is always a little bit extra scary. There’s extra to plan and organise, and you might be moving far away from friends and family that would usually be there to help you out.

However, that doesn’t mean that the process has to be unnecessarily stressful and difficult. Some careful planning and a clear mind will get the job done quickly and easily, and before you know it you’ll be exploring your new neighbourhood. Use these four tips to make your relocation smooth and seamless. 

Start Planning Early

The earlier you start getting organised, the easier everything will be closer to the time. Scheduling things like a moving company well in advance will save you on stress and time, and allow you to focus on other tasks leading up to the big day.

Try to book your travel, get packing materials, start putting things in boxes and organise as much as you can at least six weeks before your moving date.

Leaving things like this to the last minute will not only stress you out, but you may find that moving companies are booked up and things you need are out of stock – a recipe for disaster. 

Ship Your Vehicle

When you’re moving long-distance, you need to think about how to get your car there. 

The idea of a road trip might sound fun, but this will take up loads of time, cost you on gas and put unnecessary miles and wear and tear on your vehicle. On the other hand, car transport isn’t always cheap, but could still save you money in the long-term.

Shipping your car will also save you time since you’ll be able to catch a flight to your destination and focus on the task at hand – unpacking – instead of travelling for days on end. 

Book Accommodation

Moving out of one home and into another is always a bit jarring. Your bedroom is going to be disorganised and you might not even have a full bed to sleep on for a few nights. 

A good night’s rest is essential for our health though, especially during such a physically and emotionally taxing time as a long-distance move. This is why booking a few nights in a hotel or guesthouse is going to be the simplest and easiest solution.

Being able to walk away from the clutter in the evening and enjoy a good and restorative night’s sleep will make your moving process much more comfortable. 

Downscale While Packing

Another way to make your life way easier is to use your relocation as a chance to downscale. 

A move is always a good time to refresh your home, declutter your things and refocus on a more minimalist lifestyle. Over a few years, most of us will accumulate a lot of unnecessary stuff and there’s no better time to deal with it than when you’re packing.

While putting things into boxes, consider what can be sold or donated – this will make packing lighter and unpacking quicker too.