Secure your MR truck licence in just a few steps!

Do you want to secure your MR truck licence? Lucky for you, obtaining your licence isn’t that difficult and can be done simply in NSW. Foremost, it is essential to consider and understand whether or not you need an MR truck licence.

An MR vehicle is known as ‘medium rigid’ and consists of buses or trucks with a gross vehicle mass of more than eight tonnes and two axles. 

Heavy vehicles are essential to our society and economy. They are significant in providing many different services, including:

Medium rigid truck licence practice test and other requirements

If you want to apply for your MR truck licence, you must fulfil specific requirements. These include:

  • Must have held a class C licence for at least one year
  • Passing the MR truck licence knowledge test 
  • Passing an eyesight test
  • Completing a heavy vehicle competency-based assessment through an accredited trainer OR pass an RMS driving test

Before you secure your MR truck licence, you must engage in a medium rigid truck licence practice test. This will assist you in learning the required skills and knowledge before you sit for your actual knowledge test. 

There are many different types of MR training courses which cover specific areas of content to help you successfully secure your MR truck licence. These include:

  • Management of steering, brakes, gears and accelerator
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Protecting crash avoidance space
  • Hill stops and starts
  • Load securing
  • Final competency assessment

To secure your MR truck licence, you will need to present a variety of documents before applying. These include:

  • Proof of identity 
  • Glasses/Lenses – the eyesight test 
  • Payment: the HVCBA/Roads and Maritime driving test 
  • Licence application form
  • Endorsed HVCBA logbook/receipt for passing and paying for the RMS driving test 

Make sure you are prepared before you undertake your medium rigid licence practice test! There are many different training specialists offering courses, to help progress your journey.

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