Should Your Family Picture Include Your Pet?

Family pictures are a great way to freeze a moment in time and always have a happy memory to look back on. As your kids grow up and eventually move out on their own, you will always have the family photos to put a smile on your face. You wouldn’t exclude one of your kids from the photo, so why would you exclude your pet? They are just as much of a family member as anyone else in that picture.

The day you brought that pet home was the day you made them a family member. They are always there to brighten your day and in a way they make the household complete. To your pet you mean the whole world, they couldn’t imagine loving any humans as much as they love your family members. When you think about it, a family photo wouldn’t be complete without your pet.

Animals make every picture better. They don’t tense up or get camera shy when you start the photo shoot, so you never have to worry about them making the same awkward facial expressions that children make. Their playfulness always comes out in the photograph, bringing a smile to everyone’s faces. Since they are able to make the rest of your family smile naturally the atmosphere of your picture turns out better. All you see in the photo is one happy family. Those are the types of family pictures that you want to look back on.

There is only one issue with trying to get your pet in a family picture. No matter how well trained your pet is, every animal has a mind of it’s own. Some animals are perfectly happy to sit in front of the camera and pose, others will sit pretty for a moment if a treat is involved, and then there is the independent pet that does whatever they want. As much as you love your independent pet, sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get them to sit still on a command for a photoshoot. 

This is especially true for cats. You may love your cats enough to want them all in your family photos, but if they aren’t in the mood it won’t happen. Pets won’t just stop and pose because you say so. When it comes to getting a great picture of your animal, you have to do it on their terms. Chances are you may have a better picture of your pet on your phone than a photographer would be able to get just because it was the right time and the right moment.

If you want a professional picture of your pet but can’t seem to get them to cooperate for a photoshoot then a pet portrait is a great way to show your love. You can hang it up on your wall right next to your other family photos to show that they are a loving part of the family. This is a much easier way to get a good photo of your pet than trying to force them to do a photoshoot. You pick out the photo you like and let the professionals take care of the rest. 

For multiple pet owners, a pet portrait with all of your furry friends’ faces on it could be a lot of fun. It is a way to let all of their personalities shine in one portrait.  Your loyal animals should have a portrait of their very own. If you love your pets as much as your own children, then they deserve a spot on your wall of family pictures.