Simple and Easy Faxing with Computer, Mobile with Free Fax Service

With the appearance of most recent advances and sciences, the present world has developed and advanced to a degree that old methods have gone with the wind. For example, nobody utilizes large and cumbersome fax machines for faxing anymore.

Some time ago fax machines were the main way to send and get faxes all around. Huge and gigantic fax machines secured an enormous segment of the workplaces and furthermore required equipment just as HR to work.

Yet, with the progression of time, and with the propelling innovation, fax machines began to get old and individuals began to search for a lot simpler and botherless approaches to move their faxes. Thus, the specialists contrived numerous new ways that play out the faxing work well as well as expand substantially less time and exertion.

Furthermore, in the current day and age, you can fax your files in a wide range of ways. Practically all the gadgets that we use, including mobiles and PCs, have become fax-proficient at this point. PCs and mobiles have replaced fax machines.

CocoFax – An All-in-one Fax Service That Serves All Your Faxing Needs

CocoFax is where you will get every one of your inquiries like ‘can I fax from my computer‘ replied. At the point when we go to the subject of the best and the preeminent fax service, there is one in particular that surfaces to the level – CocoFax. 

You should stay with the fax service that conveys security and quality administrations and CocoFax is the one in particular that furnishes you with every one of these requirements.

CocoFax is the major reason that a large number of individuals who’ve got a fax machine are discarding it. And that is why more and more people all around the world are turning towards CocoFax for this purpose. 

Not only people but many news sources are also appreciating it and the big names include the New York Times, PC World and Forbes.

CocoFax is not like others. It gives the solution to each of your faxing problems and that too, in the best way possible. 

It has made all your devices like computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones proficient in sending and getting faxes throughout the world. All these devices mentioned work just like fax machines actually better than a fax machine.

CocoFax works just like an interpreter between these two media, computers and faxes, who cannot understand each other. So for a better understanding between the two, it is better to use a translator to make them work together. And what can be better than the best one, CocoFax?

You can have all of these amazing features on their site And these are not the only ones. You’ll get plenty more with CocoFax. 

Likewise, CocoFax also provides the facility of a 30-day free trial so that you can first check it out for a month before subscribing to any of the subscription plans i.e. before spending any money.

Fax from Computer and Mobile Using CocoFax’s Web App

Faxing through computers and mobiles is not just limited to one way, there are many other ways too. But here we will discuss the most effective way and the one which is easiest to use. We are here talking about CocoFax’s web application or online dashboard. 

To facilitate its users, CocoFax has provided an online dashboard to each of its users. You get your own dashboard where all your faxes will rest.

And the method to use it is really simple. Just follow the steps given below and start using your dashboard right away.

Step 1: The very first thing that needs to be done is to create a CocoFax account. For the purpose, you need to visit the site and follow the sign-up instructions. Here’s another treat for you. CocoFax provides a fax number that is totally free of any cost.

Furthermore, this free fax number is what you choose yourself. Yes, you get to pick your own fax number. Dissimilar to numerous other faxing administrations that give not-so-simple fax numbers to clients, CocoFax lets you choose what fax number you need. 

This is certainly an advantageous point as you get a fax number that takes after your firm codes or numbers.

And this is the place where you pick it. Get your free and custom fax number by clicking on the icon of the 30-day free trial.

Step 2: Providing a real email id is necessary. Furthermore, you need to set up a password for your CocoFax account.

Step 3: When you are through all the above stages, CocoFax will take you to your dashboard. This is where you will form all the faxes to be sent just as get the faxes sent to you.

Hit on the ‘New Fax’ button, another window springs up before you. Review all the necessary information. The fax address of the accepting individual will come in the ‘To’ field. Fax address is made out of the fax number and is like ‘’.

The ‘Subject’ will be having the top note of the fax file which will appear when your fax is received by the receiving person. It isn’t important to compose something here as it’s a non-compulsory region. 

The content written in the ‘Cover Page’ zone will come as the main page of the fax archive. Finally, join your fax archive that can be of the format doc, Xls, png, and jpg, and so on. Indeed, you can fax pictures as well.

Step 4: When you are done reviewing everything, you would now be able to send the fax online for nothing by tapping on the ‘Send’ button. You don’t have to stress over whether your fax was securely conveyed or not on the grounds that CocoFax will keep you informed about that. You will get the notice in the dashboard and also in the email address you gave while joining.


You can clearly see that CocoFax has made it an incredibly easy task to fax through computers and mobile phones. If you were also looking for a way with which you could fax easily through your computer or mobile phone, then CocoFax is the most absolute pick for you.

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