Simple Hacks for a Clean Home

Every homeowner has their own idea of keeping their house clean. So, the frequency with which they clean their houses also varies from home to home. However, not everyone is happy to clean their house as it is quite a boring and mundane task.

We are often looking for ways that make our cleaning chores quicker. We do not want to spend a lot of time scrubbing the floors as most of us have work or family to look after. It often is a dilemma for many homeowners to wait for the weekend to clean their home or do it right away every day. The idea of spending hours on the weekend does not seem to be a very good idea while every day you may not get enough time. However, there are several cleaning hacks out there that could help you get done with house cleaning quickly and efficiently. Here are some of them. Find out more best home cleaning services.

Olive Oil to Clean Cutlery

We all know the nutritional benefits of olive oil. It is a healthy option when it comes to cooking food as compared to other traditional cooking oils. However, it is also a great cleaning option for pots and pans made out of stainless steel. If your stainless steel cutlery or pots and pans have grime or dirty spots you can clean them with olive oil. Take some olive oil in a cotton cloth and gently scrub the cutlery with the cloth.

Remove Stains of Water with Shaving Cream

Nobody likes their facets covered in water stains. Water stains can be on the shower glass and shower curtains and none of us wants them to get permanent or stubborn to be removed. Here is a simple hack. Use shaving cream. Almost every household has shaving cream. You can have shaving cream applied to your faucets, shower curtains, and glass. Leave it there for approximately 15 minutes and then use a damp cloth to wipe it off. This is an easy method of removing stains that barely takes 20 minutes.

Get Shiny Tubs and Sinks with Household Kitchen Essentials

Do you want shiny tubs and sinks? Do you not like how they turn yellow after some time? Well, now you can do that without spending unnecessary time and effort with just a few household kitchen essentials. Take some baking soda, a few drops of lemon, and essential oils. Mix this mixture with some dish soap. Use a sponge to lather this mixture on your sink and bathtub. Leave it there for a few minutes and then just wash it off. You will get shiny and sparkling tubs and sinks.

Clean Your Microwave with a Few Drops of Lemon

Lemon is another great household. Dirty microwaves are not acceptable to any of us. They are also unhygienic as the dirt may contaminate our food. The easiest solution to that problem is to take a lemon and squeeze a few drops into a bowl of warm water. Put the bowl inside the microwave and start at a high for ten minutes. This will cause the water to become steam and it will condense on the walls of the microwave making it easier to clean with simply a damp sponge.

Clean Your Glass Mirrors and Windows with This Homemade Glass Cleaner

Looking for a quick and easy hack for cleaning the glass in your home? It is easy to make your own glass cleaner with a few kitchen essentials. All you need is white vinegar, water, and any essential oil. Mix all these together. Here is a glass cleaner that not cleans your glass quickly but also is affordable. So, if your windows and mirrors need a good clean and you were waiting to clean them until you have time. Then here you go.

Remove Pet Hair from the Carpet with Rubber Gloves

Do you love your pets but hate their hair everywhere around the house? Well, that is a dilemma that is there in every home that has pets. Vacuum cleaners are usually not the best choice as they cannot clean them. Here is a great hack, wear rubber gloves and rub against the carpet, it removes the hair by creating static electricity. Once the task is completed you can simply wash your gloves under running water.

Final Thoughts

Busy homeowners definitely need home hacks to easily and quickly clean their homes all the time. This article gives some of the practical hacks that a homeowner may use. Apart from these, homeowners can also consider installing smart home devices like video doorbells wireless to make their life easier. A less stressful life gives you more time to spend with your loved ones. By incorporating some hacks you can choose to live a less stressful and much happier and wholesome life.