Singapore Expat’s Top 10 Favorite Restaurants

Locals often face disappointment while loitering to find the appropriate restaurants. The team expat understands that not everyone’s definition of favorite is the same. Thus, we have come up with a detailed list of the best Singapore restaurants. Warning! You better open up your closets to get ready to silent your upcoming cravings. They will arise after reading this article.

1. Gaston Burgundy Bistro-

Is food the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the word favorite? Ok! Then this place is your heaven. The Artisanal producers at Gaston are the mastermind of the well-crafted and heart-catching servings offered by this restaurant. After stuffing your stomach, the soothing appetizer is also present a few steps inside the lavish villa- Wine. 

2. Ristorante Da Valentino-

Imagine sitting amid a meaningful conversation and feeling homesick? Weird, Ya? No, it’s very natural, and so we are here with this amazing date option- Ristorante Da Valentino. The restaurant offers a typical homely look and plays the role of a perfect killer for your homesickness. 

3. Terra-

The wonder of this land is the popular non-fusion-fusion recipe- The Italy-Tokyo combo. The very talented Seita Nakahara is the torchbearer of this mission. This authentic serving is the reason why you will not be able to resist visiting this place again and again. 

4. Potato Head Family-

Imagine holding and staring at a delicious, meat-studded burger and the other eye on the beauty of mother nature. Goosebumps! But yes, the vibe is real. You get to admire the soothing silence of nature along with feeding your bun craving. 

5. Zafferano-

Under the delightful reign of Chef Andrea De Paola, Zafferano is a beautiful restaurant situated on the 43rd floor. So, if you are fond of eating along with a beautiful side view, then this place is just for you. Also a tip for you, do not miss the tomato hearts with fresh herbs and some yuzu gel. Thank us later!

6. Maison Ikkoku-

Craving for special seafood dine? Look nowhere else. Maison Ikkoku is all set to serve you with their 11-year-old experience of perfect taste mixed with affectionate hospitality.

7. La Taperia-

Now your favorite destination, Spain, is here in your city. La Taperia is the hub of mouth-watering delicacies from Spain. The last serving that is the decadent dessert, is what makes this place extra special.

8. Fat Cow-

Get the experience of Japanese expertise and culinary skills by tasting the famous wagyu beef at a fat cow. Shabu-Shabu, Hobayaki, Sukiyaki, Sumibiyaki are some of the popular beef experiments at a fat cow.

9. Café and Bar Gavroche-

First date and Nervous? Take him/her to Café and Bar Gavroche. We are sure that this place is going to make your day extra romantic with its restful atmosphere.

10. Lucha Loco-

Enjoy the breath-taking and all-heard beauty of city Mexico only at Lucha Loco. The theme of this restaurant is the instant eye-catcher. The wide range of servings, along with a variety of cocktails, makes it so special.


Singapore is a land of diverse food joints. The place is a wonderland for a foodie. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a foodie, because after visiting the Singapore best restaurants you will change your mind.