Six Most Effective Promotional Products to Use for Your Business

When you own or manage a business, promotional products from a supplier like Brandability are a great marketing tool. Not only do they make customers happy, but they give your brand an audience over and over again. Every time someone uses your pen or other promotional product, they will think of your company. This builds familiarity and trust, and they are likely to return or recommend you to their friends and family. Take a look at the six most effective promotional products to use for your business.

1. Pens

One of the most affordable and most effective promotional items you can choose is pens with your company name, phone number, and logo. Everyone uses pens on a regular basis, and research shows that one pen can generate as many as 3,000 impressions over its useful life. You can give them away, use them for customers to sign at the register, and more. They are small, portable, and fit in any bag. They cost less than a dollar each, and you can choose from many different colours. Make sure that your name, number, and website stand out.

2. Koozies

Another affordable promotional item is a koozie or a personalized can cooler. People can use them to keep their drinks cold throughout the day. You can send them to an event and hand them out, and your name will be all over the place. You can choose options for cans, bottles, and more, so they will fit on different drink containers. They come in a variety of colours, and you can have your name, phone, number, logo, and website printed on each one. People love these items, and they will help create brand recognition for you.

3. Keychains

Keychains are another popular promotional product. They come in different styles, from lanyards to can openers and more. You can have a pendant hanging with your logo and your name, or you can print your name on the keychain. They come in different colours, and you can give them away, use them for your company keys, and more. Your customers will find them useful, and it is a great way of getting your name into many different hands.

4. Hats

Hats are great promotional products. In fact, studies show that nearly 70% of customers wear promotional hats after they receive them. When they wear your hats, you get free advertising. Many businesses choose baseball caps, but you can also get golf visors, beanies, and other styles. You can choose the colours that are best for your business, and make sure that you have your name and other identifying information printed on them.

5. Water Bottles

Everyone uses water bottles, and you can choose them in different colours. Research shows that one personalized water bottle gains up to 1,400 impressions during its useful life. People take them to work, to the gym, and on trips. Every time they use your bottle, they will see your brand name. When they take them out, they become an advertisement for you. You may even get customers who come in just to get a water bottle. You can choose metal or plastic, and some companies sell name-brand water bottles if you want high quality.

6. Tote Bags

Tote bags are another great option for promotional items. You can give them to customers when they make a purchase or give them away on their own. These bags are popular with people when they go to the grocery store or on a trip. Many people make an effort to cut down on the use of plastic bags, and your tote bag gives them this option. As is true with other items, you can choose the colour. You can also choose the size and material to make sure that you get something your customers will use.