Some oral health issues that require immediate attention

Many people believe that the dentist role is limited only to putting fillings and cleaning teeth all day. However, if you look at Dublin dentist Dr. Pagniano, his role is highly varied. Dentists see a plethora of oral health issues and provide a solution for them. Hence, if you wish to improve your oral health and eliminate the existing problems, you will have to meet your dentist regularly. On the other hand, you must develop a comprehensive understanding of the common oral health problems that compel people to go for emergency visits to the dentist.

Do not take a toothache casually

Experiencing pain in and around the teeth may have underlying causes. You cannot take this problem frivolously because it can signify infection, gum disease, dental decay and tooth damage. Any delay in the treatment will aggravate the problem and worsen the situation. It will spread the condition, and that will affect your oral health. When you are at home, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and opt for brushing and flossing. It may reduce the pain to an extent but never take painkillers on your own. Always discuss the problem with your dentist and get prescribed medication.

Cavity build-up can be scary

People feel that cavity build-up only takes place in children. However, it is not age-specific. Bacteria build-up in the mouth is the primary reason behind cavities. People experiencing cavities may endure pain and increased sensitivity to cold, hot or sweets. If you diagnose the problem quickly, it is easy to fix the problem. The dentist may opt for filling, and that will help in reducing the pain. However, if you delay, the damage will become extensive.

A chipped tooth will affect your smile

People are very cautious of their smiles. If you are one of them, you have to take your chipped tooth seriously. A chipped tooth is a common dental injury occurring because of an accident. However, in some cases biting onto something hard may also lead to this condition. Although it is not painful, you will have to resolve the problem. Dentists these days use dental bonding or dental crowns for rectifying the issue. Never try to ignore the problem, or else you may end up with a loose tooth.

A cracked tooth will hurt you

As compared to a chipped tooth, a cracked tooth is a more severe problem. After an accident, you may notice a crack from the surface to the root. You will have to visit your dentist in case of pain or sensitivity. After assessing the situation, the dentist might recommend a root canal along with a crown.

Lastly, gum infection and wisdom teeth are other problems that might compel you to reach out to a dentist. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity and dislodged teeth, you will have to take the issue seriously. These days dentists maintain their websites. You can visit these for understanding their treatment processes and past cases. You can also take the help of your friends and family members for a recommendation.

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