Sonus Complete Review – does sonus complete really work

Tinnitus is a physical condition in which the patients continuously hear ringing or buzzing noises in their ears. Often people mistake it for a disease related to the ear or the brain, but tinnitus is not a disease it is a symptom of something hidden. Sonus Complete is a dietary supplement that is considered to help cure tinnitus better than any other product from the market.

Tinnitus is an extremely daunting condition. It involves constant distracting sounds in the brain making it impossible for the patient to concentrate or even perform daily life chores. This affects the health of the brain and the overall mood of the person, which results in damaged social, professional and personal life. Around 15% to 20% of the people who have this issue risk developing serious conditions.

People try many methods to cure it such as the useless and embarrassing sound therapies, painful and daunting surgical procedures, and chemically filled medication.

All these things often worsen the condition as opposed to fixing it for the people suffering from tinnitus. Sonus Complete can be considered a life-changing supplement which is a reliable solution that helps in overcoming the root-cause of tinnitus.

It is a formula that helps those people who are tired of trying useless methods mentioned above. It is a risk-free formula.

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Who brought Sonus Complete into existence?

Gregory Peters a 56-year-old tinnitus patient himself created this formula. He worked as a medical librarian for almost 30 years which helped him gather all the research, which was essential to the production and creation of this revolutionary formula.

 He had first-hand experience with tinnitus, and he acknowledges that the whole experience is painful and daunting.

After many discussions with the doctors and specialists, he realized that there was nothing wrong with him physically which could potentially have been the cause of tinnitus. This made him realize that tinnitus did not result from any infection or virus, it exists due to certain underlying hidden factors or reasons.

Sonus Complete Review:

 The most common cause of tinnitus is when the nerve or any part of the brain gets damaged as a result of the injury. It can also be caused due to the inability of the veins to make possible a healthy flow of the blood. The root-cause can rarely be an ear infection.

What is Sonus Complete?

It is a revolutionary product that can be consumed orally. It helps eliminate the risk of any damage done to the brain which can be caused due to tinnitus. It was formed after 10 years of research work and is capable of completely curing hearing issues primarily related to the brain.

The makers of Sonus complete claim that it also helps in improving the overall health-related to the functioning of the brain. For instance, it makes the customer able to have a strong memory, a smart mind and a never-ending energy throughout. Interestingly it also helps with sleeping problems that are commonly faced by people who suffer from tinnitus.

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Directions related to the use of Sonus Complete:

It is a dietary supplement, which makes it easier for the customer to incorporate a significant dose of this formula in his or her daily schedule with convenience. It is made for all people from all age groups can use it. It is extremely simple to follow the directions provided.

The makers suggest that it is ideal if two capsules of this incredible supplement are taken daily. They also assure that the customers will start noticing considerable differences. They will also see that the condition of tinnitus is getting better within a few days of taking the medicine.

Ingredients of Sonus Complete:

The products and ingredients that are used to create the formula for this dietary supplement are effective in accelerating the benefits of the products combined. They protect against diseases such as tumor, dementia, convulsions, and memory-related issues.

Apart from providing help in successfully curing the ringing noise, which is a result of tinnitus, this formula also helps in sleeping problems. The makers of this product also consider it as an extraordinary side benefit of the Sonus Complete.

Following is the list of all the ingredients used to compose the formula for this product:

  • Buchu leaves 
  • Hawthorn berry 
  • Juniper berry 
  • Hibiscus
  • Vitamin B12
  • Garlic powder
  • B6
  • Niacin (B3)
  • Vitamin C
  • Olive leaves
  • Green tea
  • Anduvaursi

Sonus Complete Side Effects:

It is a completely safe product with no side effects. The customers who previously have any allergies with any food can also take this supplement. It will not be giving any allergic reactions. 

Sonus Complete Benefits: 

These are the benefits provided by this breakthrough formula which make it stand out in the market as the best solution for tinnitus:

  • It will completely stop the ringing noises, which is the most daunting result of tinnitus. 
  • This product helps in increasing the hearing ability to listen to everything easily and clearly. 
  • Sonus Complete helps in building a strong memory. It becomes possible if there is a growth in the number of synapses. 
  • It is risk and allergy-free
  • The formula helps in getting rid of brain fog and dizziness.


The customers are given choice to pick 1 scheme among the three schemes provided by the makers of Sonus Complete. The three schemes include Basic package, premium package, standard package.

  • Basic package: 1 bottle accounting to a supply of 1 month for 69$
  • Premium package: 6 bottles accounting to a supply of 6 months for $294 ($49 each).
  • Standard package: 3 bottles accounting to a supply of 3 months for $177 ($59 each).

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Tinnitus is an extremely painful condition. It is equally essential to acknowledge that tinnitus is a condition, not a disease, and it is due to some underlying reasons.

The major reasons behind the occurrence of this condition are either related to some brain injury or the inability of the blood to flow through the veins. It is rarely caused by any infection or virus.

The ingredients used in the composition of this formula are all-natural and effective in curing tinnitus completely without any risks. It is also beneficial in helping with sleep-related issues, memory and brain health.