Spellquiz: Spelling Exercise with Fun Activities

What is SpellQuiz?

The Spell Quiz is a tool for online spelling exercise and online spelling words tests, which is designed to satisfy the wishes of children and adults. We train our customers to increase English spelling skills in an interactive and fun way. Our specific teaching system integrates traditional teaching techniques with a modern, student-led curriculum into a complementary, enjoyable learning experience.

The pleasant aspect about the Spell Quiz is that it is designed with the student’s comfort and interest in mind. Each exercise is divided into several grade levels so that they can learn without any problem according to their grade level. The user interface is not only helpful however also designed to assist students navigate to all the pages they need.

The SpellQuiz assists teachers through means of imparting them a website in which they are able to create distinctive lessons in their school and include several students. The Spell Quiz allows teachers to prepare their own exercise papers for the students in each of the related classes, take normal tests, set up online quizzes, and track their students’ international level.۔ Teachers could also see the number of attempts made by each student or the number of words mastered in each student.

Spelling Exercise

Your deodorization is related to word games, study aids and fun activities to learn spelling words. On Spellquiz, we’ve delivered together some of our favorite activities to overcome the difficulties of English orthography. Everyone is categorized according to grade level, so these spelling exercises are fun for learners of all ages to practice spelling words.

Grade 1 to Grade 2 Spelling Exercise:

These exercises are suitable for grade 1 to grade 2.

  • Colorful Words

Write one or two words to your students in writing with every letter in color. Additional credits to teachers who spell aloud to assist students to identify their letters.

  • Hands On Spelling:

Permit your students to draw letters from clay or playboys, or cut them out of paper. Then, describe them how the letters come together to form words.

  • Heist Notes

Cut out fictional, crazy letters from a pile of magazines and newspaper then assist your student’s form letters and paste them into words. There is no spelling exercise as you feel each letter as you put it in place.

  • Hopscotch Words:

Put a hopscotch court in any easy open space, and then spread your words. Allow your students get physical (and tired) with some ethnic ideological education.

  • Tracery

Permit your students to create a shape for every of their words. Next, spell the word with the lines.

Grade 3 to Grade 5 Spelling Exercise

These exercises are suitable for grade 3 to grade 4.

  • Dot Matrix:

Write spelling words in dots and permit the students to find out which words they may be.

  • Colored pencils: 

Permit your students to write the letters of the words with the colored pencils.

  • Rhyme and Reason

Pick the spelling words and speak to students who can use a rhyming word. Look how many days they can play the poems.

  • To punish:

Students can write sentences for every word. More credits for students who efficiently use multiple words from a list of words in a listing inside the same sentence. In case you want a list, why no longer attempt our pc words for children?

  • Tossing Words

Place a pair of ball balls backward and forward for the students, raise the spelling of the letters from the spell, throw one in every word. Try our 4th level science words for words!

Teaching 3rd Grade High Frequency Words

There are several ways to teach high frequency 3rd grade spelling words. In view that these words need to be keep in mind, three general steps are followed while teaching them. The presentation segment ought to be simple; however the other two phases may include more creative exercise, 

  • Provide the words.
  • Allow the students to exercise to read and write the words.
  • Challenge the students to understand and keep in mind words in amusing approaches.

What Are The Features Of The Website? 

There are many features of Spellquiz but below i will mention some of these:

  • It affords a worldwide level of its all users so that they can recognize where they stand globally. This offers an inner desire amongst students or wards for better grades. Give it a try.
  • Whilst we click on any phrase both it is from a mastered or non-mastered list, it’s going to direct you to Google search that will help you in getting it which means.
  • Children love to play educational games online. Our online spelling bee section permits children to take part in a several-style virtual spelling contest in which they are able to compete with other children from around the world.