Standing Desk vs. Ergonomic Chair

It’s the new kid on the block vs. the all new revamp of a classic. Standing desks are all the range in a lot of offices nowadays but many people are still choosing to sit in comfort while doing their work, with a high number investing in luscious ergonomic chairs. A popular type of standing desk is the electric standing desk. Ergonomic chair and standing desk; which is the better option?

Posture & Back Pain:

Both are specially designed to benefit their users’ health over a long term. While the ergonomic chair comes with adjustable settings to support and improve a person’s posture, while remaining seated, the standing desk also does this but allows for natural calibration. After some time an individual would become accustomed to the way they stand upright while the chair could be seen as more of a mould that is only good when being used. Many who don’t use a standing desk or ergonomic chair are at serious risk of chronic back and neck pain at some point in their lives. Standing desk studies found out that more than more than 50% of people found a reduction in back and neck pain when standing up at their office desk. Though a lot of ergonomic chairs available have full spinal support built in so that neck, back and even pressure on the hips is massively reduced.


Ergonomic chairs are adjustable and give the user the ability to have their legs on a 90-degree angle which allows for proper circulation around the legs and prevents issues such as swelling and numbness. Standing desks do this in a more effective manner as the legs have the opportunity to be at a 180-degree angle and the advantage of burning slightly more calories than sitting, meaning the body is working harder and blood is flowing more regularly. The only downside to prolonged standing would be that the users legs/feet could become achey if they are not taking seated breaks often enough or used to standing for lengthy periods of time


Standing desks have a significant impact on the mind state of an individual. Many who use them often show results of being less fatigued in the workplace. While it may take a small amount of time to get used to typing standing up, a person feeling more energised is more likely to produce more work. The same goes with the ergonomic chairs as being comfortable reduces the chance of being distracted and also becoming stressed. This in turn allows for better work rates and less room for errors, both factors that could contribute to the success of a company.

Can’t decide? Both have their benefits, so choosing one could all come down to an individual’s personal preference. These two options are very similar in the way they are designed to work and how they affect a person’s health mentally and physically. Standing for the whole of your shift isn’t good but neither is sitting down for a long time. So maybe the best choice would be to have access and use to both the standing desk and the ergonomic desk. Whichever one you decide to go for, it’s important to buy your desk or chair from a reputable brand like Autonomous. Autonomous also offers an Autonomous promo code which gives you discounts for their products.