Swedish Massage Benefits

Massage is an amazing relaxation technique. Swedish massage is also no different. It is a relaxation massage and the most popular type in the USA. This type of massage manipulates the superficial muscles of the body to release the superficial tension and increases circulation. Thus, it brings mental and physical relaxation. So, you should not feel doubtful about getting this massage as Swedish massage benefits are numerous.

Swedish Massage is a whole-body massage. A therapist uses hands, elbows, or forearms to apply the pressure on the muscles. He or she may use oil or lotion on the skin and applies light to medium pressure depending on customer preference.

Swedish Massage: Suitable for whom?

If you are a beginner and never had a massage before, you can start with a swedish massage. This type of massage can be both gentle and slow or strong and energetic depending on the customer demand. If you are a beginner, you should request to get a gentle massage. Because sudden vigorous pressing can be a bit too much on your muscles or skin.

Any adult can have this massage. This is one of the amazing swedish massage benefits. But, if you have any medical condition/injury or if you are pregnant, you need to inform the therapist. Also, consult a medical professional whenever needed.

Basic techniques of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a combination of 5 main techniques.

i. Effleurage, a simple long-gliding and gentle massage. Massage opener.

ii. Petrissage, deep tissue kneading massage after gentle effleurage massage

iii. Friction, a pressure stroke to tackle deep knots

iv. Vibration, rhythmic shaking of an area to relax muscle

v. Tapotement, closing a massage with rapid striking which wakes up nerve system

One of the best Swedish massage benefits are its suitability for everyone. A therapist uses multiple combination of these techniques. Usually, the therapist opens a massage with Effleurage and closes with Tapotement. Tapotement can be sometimes too intense for beginners and in those cases,they may end massage session with friction or vibration techniques.

Time Required for Swedish MassageSession?

Most people prefer 50-60 minutes for a relaxing massage. But, extending up to 75-90 minutes will also be good for you if you are suffering from complex muscle knots. This gentle and slow but strong and energetic massage can vary in timing based on the therapist’s experience in understanding and identifying patient’s problem and preference.

Swedish massage Benefits

There are many physical and mental benefits associated with the use of Swedish massage:

Physical benefits Mental & Emotional Benefits
Loosens tight muscles and gives more relaxed muscles Stimulates blood circulation Flexibility with broader range of motions Pain Relief and useful for chronic pain Decreases muscle fatigue Speeds up healing from injury and illness Reduces the level of cortisol, stress hormone Eliminatesyour headaches Reduced stress levels enable your immune system to grow stronger Toxins built up such as lactic acid are released Reduces Stress Promotes a good night’s sleep Increases your mental relaxation Relief of depression, anxiety and irritation Sense of well-being increased  


  • 1. Is Swedish massage a full body massage?

Swedish massage is a full-body massage. Now, people often get confused about which areas does a full-body massage cover? This type of massage usually includes your neck and back, your arms, legs, hands and feet, your stomach and backside area. A full-body massage needs not to include your sensitive areas. A modest and trained therapist will respect your privacy and will exclude private parts during massage. You can instruct which parts of your body you do not want to be touched. There will be sheets or clothes to cover you during massage.

A video demonstration of SwedishMassage-

  • 2. What should you wear to a massage?

It is not necessary to remove clothes during massage. Always wear whatever seems comfortable when going to spa and salon. If you want to keep clothes on during massage, wear cotton and the therapist will not have trouble to put pressure on the muscles and joints. But, during a full-body massage exposing the body and use of oil/lotion can be more relaxing. This option simply depends on your comfort. You can let your therapist know before starting the massage. Usually, you will always have sheets to cover your private parts and lower body.

  • 3. What is the most relaxing massage?

There are lots of popular massages out there currently. But, in USA Swedish Massage is the most common. This is a versatile massage experience in one package. From gentle and slow to strong and energizing, this massage is very relaxing and reduces pain and muscle tensions. But there are other massage options available and humans have used those different techniques throughout the history.Other popular massage types include shiatsu, hot stone, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, chiropractic and Thai massage etc. You need to choose which one will suit your requirement. You can know in details about the other interesting massage types here.

  • 4. What should you do after a massage?

You want your post massage feeling to last longer and it is obvious why. So, what should you do after a long relaxing massage?

1. Stay hydrated as much as possible and it will help flush the toxic materials from the body.

2. Also, be careful on picking a heavy diet. Light diets with fresh vegetables will help you feel lighter while heave diets will make you feel sluggish and tired rather than energized.

3.If you feel sore in some areas, you may apply ice. Do not get involved in heavy workouts. Take yoga or low stretch workout and your muscles will feel relaxed.

4. Avoid stressful situations and listen to some relaxing music.

5. Recommended to skip your latte or caffeine and drink more water

If you feel stiffness or soreness after the massage, it is natural and will go away within a day or two. But, if it does notself-recover, contact your therapist immediately.

  • 5. How often should I get a massage?

The answer depends on consultation with your massage therapist. If you are a beginner, start with a low frequency such as once in every 2 weeks for a month or two. During medical conditions, the physician often suggests getting multiple massages every week. There is no straight forward answer to this question. Consult and discuss what are you looking from these sessions and what type of massage will serve your condition. Butmost people leave it until they have pains and knotted muscles as they consider massage a luxury item. But this is such a shame as early massage sessions can give you relief from future pain and health issues. This can also be a healthy habit.

If you want to get full body massage at home , you need supported massage chair. The slabway massage chair is one of the best chair that will help you getting full massage.

If going to spa regularly is not an option for you, you can try and get automatic/electric home massagers. There are plenty of them in current market now. Neck or back massager, handheld massager or portable massage chairs- whatever suits you the best. This will also save the cost of regular massage and a great relaxing option within a budget. You can see some of the best vibrating massage products here.