The Best Barbecue Sets For The Garden

Four professional utensil kits are available on Amazon to use on the barbecue safely and comfortably.

Skewers, spatulas, carving forks, tongs, or scrapers, among other accessories, are part of the best KAMADO BBQ sets that you can buy for the garden, camping, or for any celebration surrounded by nature any weekend of the year. For this reason, at EL PAÍS Escaparate we have explored which BBQ sets to help us prepare food on the grill. And we have found them: with excellent value for money and very popular prices. Don’t let them escape you!

KAMMADO Club BBQ  set with 21 accessories


This KAMMADO BBQ set model comes loaded with accessories (more than twenty) with which to improve cooking when preparing BBQ recipes. These accessories are, among others, a spatula, a specific fork for meat, a silicone brush to spread the oil, or a cleaning brush. In addition, the lot includes a protective bag in black.

“With handle for hanging

Made entirely of 100% materials prepared for handling food, the utensils in this kamado club barbecue set have a practical loop on the handle to hang from the ends of the barbecue and thus expand the cooking surface.”

Kamado club BBQ set with five accessories

Kamado club BBQ set with five accessories

If you are one of those who need a few accessories to cook like a charm on the BBQ, this is the product you are looking for. With a one-year guarantee, all the utensils are resistant to abrasion, have an ergonomic handle, and are made of two materials suitable for treating food: metal and food-grade silicone. The kit can be stored in a convenient storage bag.

“for gift

The basics that this kamado club bbq set consists of are the following: spatula, tongs, silicone brush, fork, and knife. Utensils that are used to carry out the most common tasks when we prepare our favorite recipes”

KAMMADO Club set with wooden handle

KAMMADO Club set with wooden handle

The particularity of this batch of barbecue accessories is the quality of its finishes. The manufacture of the three accessories is carried out by a material such as brushed stainless steel: turning them into durable kitchenware. None of the pieces (neither the tongs nor the spatula nor the fork) pick up odors or flavors or transfer them to the dishes thanks to the use of this material. The fork has sharp teeth whose mission is to pierce the tender meat without destroying the delicate fibers.

“Acacia wood handles

This kamado club bbq set is particularly heat resistant. In addition, the handles of each one of them are designed in ecological acacia wood. Its structure will help us to grasp them more firmly.”

Jascherry kamado Club BBQ  set

Jascherry kamado Club BBQ  set

If there is a versatile BBQ utensil like a few others, that is the skewer. This accessory is used to skewer portions of meat, fish, vegetables, and more foods very easily. The product that we highlight is about five skewers for the grill and they are instruments with which we can play in the presentation of the dishes. One of the materials used is stainless steel, very efficient and resistant to high temperatures.

“Elegant design

This kamado club barbecue set has a very distinguished design thanks to its darkened wooden handles and a padded cover that matches the tone of the kitchen utensils.”