The Best Cheap Hotels in Batam

Have you been to Batam before or this is the first time you are planning your visit? Whatever your answer to this question, you will need to find the best cheap hotels where you can reside for the few days you will be here. When conducting your research, you will realize that Batam features countless cheap hotels – something that can make it a bit challenging to discover the best hotel deals in the city. We understand the challenge you could be facing (especially if you are visiting for the first time) and that’s why we are composing this post to give you a breakthrough. In this post, we will highlight the most popular and yet affordable hotels that you should give a try the next time you visit Batam.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Batam

1. The Hills Batam

One of the best cheap hotels in Batam is The Hills Batam. There are very many things that make this hotel a standout among the rest. One of such things is its strategic location. It is situated near a hypermarket – Nagoya shopping mall from where you can purchase almost everything you need. The rooms are fully equipped with TVs, a music system, tight security, gym equipment, etc. What will marvel you the most regarding The Hills Batam Hotel is their pricing. You pay less than you would imagine of such services!

2. Batam City Hotel

Yet another cheap and strategically located Hotel in Batam is the Batam City Hotel. It’s located closer to BCS mall and just adjacent to the A2 food court. It operates 24/7 so you can come here and get a room anytime you want. What will marvel you the most regarding this Hotel is the convenience of their services – you can even book rooms online or through phone calls. If you book online and while you have time you will enjoy some huge discounts.The hotel offers services such as Free Internet Connection, Spacious rooms featuring comfortable beds, gaming equipment for kids, gym equipment, etc.

3. Harris Resort Batam

When coming to Batam with your family, you want to find a family-friendly hotel that will offer maximum comfort to you and your family. If this is your major concern then look no further – Harris Resort Batam hotel offers in-house water sports for both adults and kids, affordable in-house SPA, etc.The rooms are spacious and extremely clean – they include almost everything you wish to see. For instance, gaming equipment for adults and kids, exercising equipment, amusement equipment, massage parlors, etc. What’s more, the hotel features its free transport mode – you can get to and from the town without incurring much.

Bottom Line

When doing your research on the best affordable hotels in Batam, you will realize that there are countless options to consider, however, not every choice would be ideal for you. You should compare all the available deals and pick out only what you think is worth your money. We understand that you could be dealing with busy schedules and that is why we have done the research on your behalf. The above are some of the best rated and yet affordable hotels in Batam. Give them a try the next time you will be visiting the city.