The Best Rehab Centers in California

Researchers and medical experts argue that the most neglected disease in the U.S. happens to be drug addiction. According to a CDC drug overdose report, over 47,000 Americans lost their lives to drug abuse in 2015 alone. 

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that has a damaging impact on the lives of the addicts and their families. Life as an addict should never be an option. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of rehab centers within California that are fully committed to helping addicts get going on the road to recovery. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the best rehab facilities available in California state. 

1. The Edge Treatment Center

Based in Orange County, CA, The Edge Treatment Center is fully committed to providing integrated and comprehensive treatment for people looking to free themselves from the shackles of drug abuse. 

Depending on the severity of the addiction and the substance(s) involved, this facility provides treatment to patients through a series of phases designed to help patients maintain a life of sobriety.  

Some of the programs available at the Edge Treatment Center include partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programming, and medication-assisted treatment. 

2. Phoenix Rising Addiction Center

Phoenix Rising is based in Laguna Hills, CA, and specializes in treating substance use disorder as well as co-occurring mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

The programs available at the facility are designed to treat the patient’s body and mind to provide the most successful results in recovery. 

3. Summit Estate Recovery Center

The available rehab programs and treatment services available at the Summit Estate Recovery Center make it one of the state’s top rehab centers.

There are three primary categories available at the rehab facility for treatment: a 12-step rehab program, a luxury rehab center, and a holistic addiction treatment center.  

This range of services means that the Summit Estate Recover Center can cater to almost every patient. Their treatment services accept various health insurance policies apart from state-sponsored insurance programs such as Medicaid. 

4. Ranch Creek Recovery

Solara is a trusted and proven holistic treatment center that helps patients achieve relief from their addiction. The rehab facility provides a safe and comfortable environment that provides patients with a tranquil space for healing. 

Ranch Creek Recovery is equipped with trained and licensed counselors committed to using therapeutic and holistic approaches to help patients recover from their addiction. 

What Is the Best Rehab Center in California

Just as every person is unique in their own way, the story behind every suffering addict is also one of a kind. For this reason, you need to choose a rehab center in California that offers treatment programs tailored to suit your personal needs. 

The truth is there is no “one size fits all” rehab center in California. But all the same, you need to make sure your rehab facility of choice has a record of success in treating the addiction you’re suffering from. 

Consider the rehab centers in California state listed above if you want to rebuild a meaningful and fulfilling life beyond addiction.