The Best Strength Training From Glo’s Online Yoga Program

Yoga has always been one of the best ways to keep your body in tip top shape. It increases endurance, improves flexibility, and strengthens every aspect of your body. The problem most people face is not having the right classes so readily accessible. Whether in-person classes are either too expensive or you don’t have a studio nearby, you can utilize Glo’s online marketplace of Yoga classes online. Glo is full of online Yoga classes that can benefit even the most advanced Yoga practitioners.

What Does Glo Offer?

Glo makes it easy to learn Yoga by providing incredible yoga onlinesuited for both beginners and advanced practitioners. It’s a powerful resource full of incredible instructors who have banded together to provide ordinary people like you the knowledge you need to learn how to do Yoga whenever you choose. With a multitude of courses, workshops, and seminars, Glo makes it easy to practice safely at home.

The best part about Glo is that they offer all these online Yoga classes for a low monthly price. You also get to save money because you don’t need to pay for individual classes or even gas to get to the studio. Think of the time it takes to get to a studio and having to organize your life to get that Yoga workout in your day. Glo makes it possible to get a training day in whenever you want.

Three Incredible Strength Training Classes on Glo

Strong Shoulders

This Level 2 Yoga class is led by Dice lida-Klein, and it’s an in-depth class that explores the range of motion of the shoulders. He dives in practical movements to create functional development for your shoulders and upper body. He takes the game up a notch by taking ordinary Yoga poses like downward dog and transforming them to better equip the shoulders. It’s a challenging new approach meant to build massive strength.

Optimal Conditioning for Your Core

Jason Crandell is one of the leading instructors on Glo, and this specific course takes you to a new level focusing on improving and strengthening your core. Methodically strengthen your core using the power of band work and resistance. You’ll discover how your core operates and how to properly control your movement to build incredible core strength. Conditioning and targeting this specific area has never been this powerful.

Strengthen Your System

Every part of the body is connected. Everything from the hips to the legs, alongside the connective tissues that keep them banded together. Tiffany Cruikshank takes you through a series of stretches like myofascial release and then onto other strengthening work to focus in on the hips, arms, and legs. This program breathes new life into the connective tissues for longevity and strength.

Glo is full of talented practitioners who are going to educate you on the latest training techniques and ideas that are going to improve your Yoga practice. Online Yoga through Glo means you are going to be following exceptional teachers at a pride that you can afford. Glo is an online program that offers affordable monthly memberships at a price you can pay for while getting the best training at a fraction of the cost.