The Excel to PDF Online Conversion You Need

PDFs have so many uses and purposes, so it became probably the most popular document format. Microsoft file formats were the most common, but it is not always compatible with all forms of operating systems. The Excel spreadsheet, for example, is converted into PDF by most people for review and file transfer purposes. 

Aside from opening the file on any operating system, PDF files are tough to modify or edit. Unlike other file formats, PDFs do not undergo changes or modifications on or after transfer. It is the most useful yet the most annoying feature of PDF file formats. All documents were transformed into PDF whenever possible, anywhere in the world.

PDFBear’s Excel to PDF Online Conversion Tool

It is common knowledge that spreadsheets can be changed immediately into a PDF file after work by saving it as a PDF, on that matter. However, transforming an Excel spreadsheet into PDF is limited to a fixed location that the user must-have. PDFBear’s Tool can convert Excel to PDF online, without limiting its user to a firmed place. 

With this online conversion tool of PDFBear, you can convert your Excel spreadsheet anytime and anywhere you are. It is a huge help, especially while on the way, and you need to send a file to your friend or coworker and cannot afford to find any internet cafe to go to. You can use PDFBear to convert this into PDF and send it directly through email or messenger. 

PDFBear seems to like to spoon-feed its users because of the structural design of the entire website. The way it presents itself to the customers is not overwhelming and exudes a friendly environment that can be navigated by all users of any proficiency levels as long as they can understand the language.

The default language of the website is English. However, since PDFBear is also available internationally, it has various language translations to several major languages. A non-English speaker does not need to worry because there are language translations available like Spanish, German, Japanese, and Chinese, to name a few.

The Steps for Excel to PDF Conversion

To start on the steps themselves, the user needs to select the Excel spreadsheet he wishes to convert into a PDF file. There are two ways to do this first step. The first one is to click the Select File box, which will direct your device’s file folder, while the other one is by opening your device’s file folder, then drag and drop it to the website’s conversion toolbox.

The system will take over for the second step to automatically continue unto the third step on one smooth process. After putting the Excel spreadsheet on the toolbox, PDFBear will proceed with the uploading process where you can see a loading bar indicating the percentage—followed by the third step or the conversion process.

Please remember that the process from uploading to converting might take a few seconds up to a minute, depending on the file’s size. So a minute of the process is typical, and the user needs to wait until it finishes, and the screen displays the converted PDF file and the further options you can choose to take. 

The final step is the download step. PDFBear will display the newly converted file and the different choices the user can take depending on him. Through the last step, the user can directly send the converted file through email or opt to copy the generated link and send it through messenger. You can also download it on your device or Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Online Tool’s Features

It is imperative to have an outstanding feature if a website aims to continue providing its offers and gaining the continuous trust of its target users. PDFBear is a prime example of this, equipping itself with affordability, accessibility, compatibility, and security. 

PDFBear’s conversion service is always free-of-charge without requiring the creations of premium accounts with monthly payments or incurring any hidden fees on all its users. It supports all famous platforms like Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer and is compatible with all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

With its accessibility and compatibility features, converting your excel spreadsheet while on the school, the train, and anywhere you are and any time of the day is super easy. It only requires that the user has a stable internet connection to ensure a speedy conversion, and the Excel spreadsheet needed is on the device where PDFBear is running. 

The security of all files on the server is also not at risk because it is mandated by the website’s privacy policy to automatically delete all files uploaded within the servers to prevent any data loss or theft.


Converting your Excel into PDF has never been easy. PDFBear’s well-thought features ensure the safety of users’ data and a friendly environment to ease the users’ worries to operate in an overwhelming climate if you need to convert an Excel file at the same time. At the same time, on the way, search for PDFBear and convert that file and transfer it in a few minutes. 

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