The Important Features and Uses of Kraft Packaging Boxes

With their multiple uses, Kraft boxes have transformed most businesses in terms of packaging. When it comes to the packaging of various products, they offer ease. Although most businesses use cardboard boxes for the packaging of products, Kraft packaging boxes are becoming a popular choice among top brands, and for good reasons. The first reason is that they are eco-friendly, and the material used in their manufacturing in pinewood. They are recyclable, sturdy, and keep products safe inside them. Furthermore, the quality of the pulp plays an important role in the manufacturing of high-quality Kraft boxes. 

The Features of Kraft Packaging Boxes

In terms of their features, here are some of the important ones you should learn about before you buy them. 


These boxes are popular for their great resistance. This is a much-recommended option by companies and most customers. The material is a special type, which bears all kinds of pressures. They have the ability to accommodate corrugated layers, which adds more strength and sturdiness to them. Most businesses choose custom Kraft boxes because they are recyclable, making them cost-effective, and eco-friendly at the same time. Furthermore, they have a biodegradable feature, which is highly important. This gives them the ability to bear adverse climatic conditions such as humidity, moisture, shock and excessive heat too. They are an excellent choice because they keep items well protected within them, intact and safe from damages. 

Available in Different Designs

Another feature that keeps them unique is their flexibility in designs. This means they can mold into any size and shape. They serve various businesses, as well as houses for packaging needs. These custom Kraft packaging boxes can take an oval shape, square or rectangular shape. In addition, you can ask the custom packaging and printing company, like IMH Packaging to customize them into different shapes and designs. This helps to accommodate any shaped item inside them easily. 

Serve Various Packaging Uses

Kraft boxes play a role in the packaging of bakery items, serve well as jewelry boxes, gift boxes, and perfume packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, apparel boxes, soap boxes, display boxes and more. In addition, you can have them in various designs like window boxes; flip top boxes, sleeve boxes, top open boxes and more. To attract your customers, you can have them in special die cut shapes. These die cut windows will help to give potential buyers an idea of the product even before they open it. 

Used as Gift Packaging Boxes

If you wish to give these boxes a unique touch, you can customize them as gift giveaways. Whether you wish to use them as birthday gift boxes, wedding gift boxes, they are the best options. You can have custom Kraft packaging boxes personalized according to festivals, events, or any upcoming celebrations. Hence, no matter what event it is, whether a themed event, you can use them as gift boxes. They are also great for Christmas, New Year, bridal showers, Easter, or any religious event. Furthermore, they are not age biased or gendered, so you can use them as gift boxes to gift anyone of any age. 

Flexibility in Customizations

These boxes have the option to take any kind of customization on them. You can have them in gloss finishes, matte; have spot UV, embossing or de-bossing them. Choose from any coating of your choice, and you can add embellishments of your choice on them. Just make sure that you choose a reliable custom packaging company in your area, and they should be able to offer the best customizations at an affordable price. Kraft packaging boxes are the leading trends in packaging today, so if you wish to gain brand recognition, try them today!