The Newest Tips To Choose The Right Glasses

While choosing the perfect sunglasses, we mentally prepare ourselves to buy certain styles, frames, and colors, enhancing our overall look. Some frames suit you best every time you wear them, and some of them do not look good on you. This happens because of its shape and how it looks on your face. 

However, suppose you wish to experiment with the various categories of sunglasses, and you don’t know which sunglasses are there in the market, which will look best on you. Well, In that case, we are here with some tips that will help you choose the best and trendy sunglasses for all occasions. 

Determine Your Face Type

Identifying the face shape is very important before going to shop for sunglasses. If you do not know how to identify your face shape, follow the given tips, and you will come to know all about it. Once you come to know your face type, it becomes easy for you to select the perfect pair of sunglasses. 

  • Stand against the front side of the mirror, and make sure that you are standing still. Also, do not move your face. Tie the hair so that you do not miscalculate the shape, and then do the proper tracing. 
  • Now, take a sketch pen or chalk, and slowly trace the outline of your reflection in the mirror. Once done, re-trace it for confirmation and redraw it on the transparent paper. 
  • Look at the outline obtained and observe the shape. After analyzing it carefully, you will come up with your right face shape. 

Different Face Shapes

There are seven face shapes: round, oval, rectangular, triangular, heart shape, and diamond face shape. Your face can be any of these, and once you have identified your type, it is more likely that you will choose the perfect sunglasses.

  • A round face has very few angles and a rounded chin area. 
  • The square face has a strong jawline with wider cheekbones. 
  • Diamond faces are known for narrow foreheads and chins. 
  • Heart-shaped faces have a prominent forehead and narrow down to the jawlines. 
  • Oval faces are a little similar to round faces with a broader outlook.
  • The rectangular face is broad and elongated. 
  • Triangular faces are narrow at the forehead and broaden down at the chin. 

Know The Different Sunglasses 

Before you buy any of the sunglasses, it is better to get to know about the different types of sunglasses available in the market. 

Aviator sunglasses

Developed in 1936 by Lomb and Bausch, Aviators were explicitly designed for fighter pilots, but it has become a famous fashion icon today. The style of the aviator is different from other sunglasses. It is a double bridge, flat browline, teardrop lenses, and lightweight metal. People with square, oval, heart-shaped, or even round faces can wear it. It used to come only in steel frames, but now it is also available in plastic with different colored lenses. 

Wayfarer Sunglasses

These were designed in 1956 by Bausch and Lomb. It has been the classic choice of people all over the world. The trapezoidal shape of these sunglasses is very famous. Its thick plastic rims, sharp temples, and flattering browlines make it easily recognizable among the large crowd. Any type of face shape can try these glasses and enjoy the multiple iterations of the Wayfarer. 

Wraparound Sunglasses

This type of sunglasses is best suited to a sporty person. It became popular in the 1990s when athletes started to wear it. The frame of these sunglasses covers the face and offers clearer vision from all corners of the glasses. If you are interested in sport and want to create your outlook as a sports icon, these sunglasses are the best one for you. 

Moreover, wrap-around sunglasses are known as sports sunglasses. It is composed of high-performance materials to reduce glow and improve clarity. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses

These cat eye sunglasses are known for their upswept frames and long nose bridge. This type is differentiated by the soft wounded rims and sharp temples. They come in new patterns and colors. If you have the square, heart-shaped, or oval face type, cat-eye sunglasses are the best option.

These were the different categories of sunglasses, which you can choose depending on your face type. If you do not know your face type, look at the above-listed steps to find yours.