The Top Beaches in the State of California

The Golden State is famous globally for its sandy beaches, friendly people, fun weather, and more. Next time you are in the city, take a few minutes to visit the popular outdoor spots people prefer. 

If you are struggling to find a suitable way to spend your time, wait until you find your way to one of the city’s beaches.  It’s particularly a great way to escape the summer heat and random heat waves that hit the country.

The good thing about beaches in California is that they are close to several other valuable amenities. So, you can go out there to spend weeks or several days with the family. 

Top Beaches

Before halting a cab or driving around looking for a beach to spend time, here is a quick rundown of the notable ones: 

Annie’s Canyon Solana Beach

Visit Annie’s Canyon Solana Beach if you want to enjoy spending a few days exploring this city and all it has to offer. Solana beach boosts of various resources you need for fun and accommodation. In the northern section, you will find the Seaside, which is perfect for surfing activities.

Besides, the beach is also home to Fletcher Cove, where you can access a large playground and lush environment for relaxing. Close to the beach is ample parking and a reliable team of lifeguards as well. 

La Jolla Shores

Starting this list would be La Jolla shores. It’s a popular location because it’s always packed, especially during the year’s sunny months. La Jolla makes it on this list because of the range of water activities you can consider. 

These include kayaking, stand-up paddleboards, boat riding, and more. Plus, there are several surfers who you will see riding the waves, and your kids can also enjoy the sandy beaches. If you want some alone time, you can move to the Scripps Pier.

Santa Monica State Beach

Thanks to its exceptional pier amusement rides, shops, and more – Santa Monica Beach is an excellent place to visit. You will also love the parks that sit south of the pier, which is unique. Parking is also immense, and there are several eateries around for you to consider. 

The beach is also close to various other unique amenities for accommodation, medicine, and more.

Coronado Beach

The other famous beach in California would be Coronado Beach. Whether you’re out with the kids, friends, or even your pets – consider going here. You can enjoy your free time walking on the beach, and the waves are often small in size. 

Bordering the beach would be the renowned Hotel Del Coronado, where you can go to get excellent accommodation services.  

Travelling and spending time outdoors is indeed an excellent way to spend leisure time. Next time you are in California, ensure you get to the beach as well. There, you will get lots of adequate parking, accommodation eateries and more. Remember to carry a journal and a camera you can use to document your memorable experiences in the city.