The Wait is Over! BlackPink Ft PewDiePie’s New Song is Soon Releasing

No doubt the world is full of talents and wonders. You will come across abundant skillful people who are known for their certain talents. The same is here in the case of K-pop singers group named BlackPink. Originally starting their career with a group of 9 girls named Pink Punk, the group was soon left to 4 girls namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, who gave their first debut under YG Entertainment with a group titled BlackPink. Afterward, the group ended up releasing several music masterpieces which received a huge positive response from the audience and thereby, made its name in the list of global artists.

Some Latest Masterpieces of BlackPink

Just for the overview of the latest songs released by BlackPink, some of the music pieces that are worth mentioning include “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (2018), “As if it’s Your Last” (2019), “Don’t Know What to Do” (2019), “Kill this Love”, and “How You Like that”(2020). However, the new upcoming song is unique of its kind. Currently, the BlackPink group has recorded its song with the renowned global YouTube star named PewDiePie who also has got a pool of die heart fans. Thus, having received millions of views so far on various social media platforms for their several creative videos, their fans are desperately waiting for their upcoming song which has not been named but only known as BlackPink Ft PewDiePie’s New Song.

Releasing Date of BlackPink Ft PewDiePie’s New Song

Well, the group has shown some mercy for their fans for starting a countdown timer on their official website for the releasing date of the new song. Thereafter, millions of fans daily visit the website and express their mix of emotions for the upcoming song of their favorite artists. On social media websites like YouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram, people are seen expressing their thoughts in the comments section below each video of their favorite artists’ videos. Although, the song is still having the mid of month time to release, yet the feelings of the fans are not composed. With each passing day, the beat of their hearts is throbbing for the release of the song. The BlackPink Ft PewDiePie’s New Song is expected to hit the 24 hours views count on all the available media forums by the music experts.

How Can You Reach Your Favorite BlackPink Artist?

Soon after making their first best debut, the group Black Pink girls launched their own Instagram account individually to continuously remain in touch with their fans. Each artist of the group has crossed over one million followers for their separate Instagram accounts within days. Hence, you can easily find your favorite artist by putting their name in the search bar. You may also contact them on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter that they have launched combined for their fans.

So, What’s Expected from Their New Song?

Well, BlackPink Ft PewDiePie’s new song is surely going to hit the ground for its tuneful and mellifluous music. So, wait and watch!

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