Things to pack for a campervan holiday

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to pack something when you leave the house – especially when you’re going on holiday. You might have forgotten your favourite swimsuit or your passport, in which case you will have to return home. It’s important to keep track of everything you are packing so you can avoid a holiday mishap. You should feel relaxed from the moment you leave the house. But all too often, we go on holiday feeling stressed, panicked and irritable. 

Thankfully, we created the ultimate packing list so you can enjoy your next campervan holiday from the get-go. 


Let’s start with the important stuff. Make sure your motorhome insurance is up to date before you set off and double-check everything it covers. You need everyone’s passports, driver’s licenses, insurance papers, spare keys, registration certificate, and the vehicle handbook. Store these items in the glove box so you can grab them easily in an emergency. 


You will need a navigation system to get to know your destination. Use a navigation app on your phone to save space and money. Make sure you have your phone charger and a spare power bank in case it runs out of battery. You could also bring a tablet and gaming device to entertain the kids throughout the long drives. 

Living items 

Your campervan should feel as comfortable and cosy. Pack your bedding, pillows, duvet and extra blankets. You also need clothing, shoes and plenty of outdoor essentials – such as a raincoat, walking boots and thermal underwear. Your clothing and living items largely depend on the weather for your trip. You can probably leave the thermals at home if there’s a heatwave at your destination. 

Bring a few coat hangers for the wardrobe in the campervan so you can hang up your belongings. Sometimes it’s nice to get out of your muddy clothes for an evening. Always bring a few nicer outfits just in case you want to go out for dinner one night. 

Cooking items

Your campervan might already have kitchen supplies stocked and ready to go. Make sure there are pots, pans, cooking ingredients, plates, cutlery and a kettle. You can save a lot of money on your trip by cooking in the van. You could even precook a few meals and store them in the fridge/freezer for the week. 

Camping gear

Even campervans need a little camping gear from time to time. You will need a spare camping gas, a collapsible bucket for water and chemicals to clean the toilet. You could also bring an awning to connect onto the campervan for more space.

Head off on your camping adventure and make sure all the essentials are packed.