Things you need to know about shower doors Glass before replacement

The shower is a significant part of the bathroom and is basically the most regularly used section of any home. Every attempt to care for your hygiene and start a fresh and active day begins from here. It is therefore important that your bathroom shower appears as beautiful and classic as it can be. You could try adding lots of materials like beautiful paintings of colorful flowers, however; the best element of appearance is glass. You can add glass into your bathroom in various ways as in mirrors or windows but the most modern way is to use it as shower doors. Glass shower doors are one of the most used by all homeowners as they offer more advantages than any other. Glass shower doors have a compelling look, strong physical orientation, and very reasonable versatility. If you want to get a new shower door, read through the following as shower door glass replacement may be your best experience ever. 


Are Shower Glass Doors Tempered? 

Due to some early period reports of glass explosions, building laws have made the use of safety glass for shower doors very compulsory. Every available shower glass door is now made from tempered glass. They can be tinted, frosted, clear, or patterned. Tempered glass goes through a highly specific process of heating and cooling which makes it very strong and durable. If a tempered glass material happens to break, it reduces to non-pointed, less sharp pieces. 

How Many Types of Glass Can You Use in Shower Doors?

Shower glass doors are simply glass made into the shape of a door with framed and non-framed edges. Since they are made from glass they could be made of any glass type. However, the kind of glass used for glass shower doors has evolved over the years. During early periods, glass shower doors were simply made out of clear glass types with low temperament and durability.  However, as time passed, shower glass doors were made from annealed glass, hammered glass, laminated glass, and tempered glass which is the legally recommended type. 

How Much Does a Shower Glass Door Cost?

The price of a shower glass door depends on certain properties. Valued on average, the cost of a shower glass door installation should be around $550 to $1500. However, the exact price of installation depends on the door size, door type, and glass type. The glass is tempered but the glass type can be tinted, clear, frosted, or patterned. Framed glass doors are around $400 to $900 while frameless glass doors are around $500 to $3500. 

What Is the Best Thickness for Shower Glass?

An important factor to be conscious of when attempting a shower glass door replacement is the thickness of the glass door. The thickness of glass doors is very important for their rigidity however, creating thick yet light enough glass shower doors is a great challenge. There are two commonly used thickness options for shower glass doors; 3/8” and 1/2″. You can also find more thickness here.

 3/8” is the standard thickness however; to get the more solid 1/2″ you may have to pay more for structural soundness. 

Are Glass Shower Doors Hard to Clean?

Glass shower doors may naturally appear clean after installation but will certainly become dirty after a significant period of time. You may wonder how a glass shower door gets dirty. Well, some minerals in water mixed with the soap create deposits on the glass. The deposits, called soap scum, cause stains on the glass. However, there is nothing to worry about as these stains are not hard to clean. By simply mixing vinegar with distilled water and applying the mixture on the glass, you can wipe off all stains with a lint-free towel. 

Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak?

Unlike framed and semi-framed shower glass doors, frameless shower glass doors do have a very small opening at the sides and hinges of the door. These spaces are necessary to prevent scratches on the glass. Irrespective of any available opening, by properly installing the glass shower door, it is rarely possible that water passes through these openings. Also, ensure your shower pan does not slope outward when installed. 

Are Frameless Shower Doors Safe?

The use of frameless glass shower doors is increasing every day. Many people see it as a simple yet catchy means of decorating the home interior. However, some people are still unsure of how safe it is to use a frameless shower door. The risks attributed to frameless doors are the same attributed to any other frameless glass materials. However, with the implementation of an especially hardened glass, the risk of shattering is drastically minimized. 

Glass shower doors are a great addition to our homes which every homeowner should give a try. Apart from the classic and luxurious feel they add to your bathroom, they reflect light at every angle without any interference. They are affordable to install and are durable, strong and can be used with various colors. With glass shower doors, you are open to the option of selecting any tempered glass types of your choice. You don’t have to get stuck with just a crystal clear glass; you can also browse and try different colored shower doors with tinted tempered glass.