Tip of the day – downloading a video from Twitter in a couple of clicks

In 2023, the top five social networks still include this communication platform. It is believed that the Twitter audience is one of the smartest. Here people openly share their opinions, enter into discussions and make history. All official government organizations, heads of large companies, and even the presidents of many countries have their pages and report the latest news. No wonder the popularity of this network is growing day by day.

Visual communication is the most popular type of digital content. Scientists have recently discovered that the human brain responds to an animated image much better than a text or static image. That’s why every day companies, organizations, and ordinary people shoot, share and watch billions of short clips and long videos on a wide variety of topics. If you ever wondered if it’s possible to save video from Twitter, this article is for you. We will share life hacks that you did not know about.

Method # 1 – Bigbangram downloader

Actually, this free online Twitter to mp4 converter is suitable for many social platforms. You can actually download a video file from any source to your device. To do this, you only need to have the URL of the file. Using the resource is intuitive. Copy the link, paste it into the window and press the big red button. So that even the user who is farthest from technology does not get confused, the developers removed everything superfluous from the page. There is literally one line for entering a link and one button! If only resources were this simple!

Bigbangram advantages:

  • No need to download complex programs to your electronic device
  • No need to provide your personal data to third parties
  • The author of the video will never know about the download
  • There are no limits on the number of uploaded files per day
  • The service is available regardless of your operating system and browser

You can download not only MP4 files, but also MP3 audio, HD video, Full HD, and even 4K. You can download any file in its original size and quality. The service does not compress the amount of data at the expense of quality. If the quality of the video is poor, then it was originally uploaded by the author.

Basic rules for downloading files

When using this and other video download tools, keep your online safety in mind. If a site is asking for inappropriate permissions, this should alert you. Don’t agree to have your location tracked and access your phone book (for mobile users), and don’t upload unknown files, especially suspicious archives. They may contain a virus.

And of course, it is worth remembering about copyright. Twitter does not just allow you to download videos. The platform protects the rights of the authors of black content, and you should also respect them. Please do not use the downloaded files for commercial or other unlawful purposes. Enjoy downloaded clips while watching offline or send them to friends. If you want to publish a video, contact the author, or at least indicate the source.