Tips for Updating Your Prescription Lenses

Anyone who has glasses knows that there comes a moment when it’s critical to get new prescription lenses. While some people don’t experience a change in vision over time, others do. While updating your lenses might be essential, you don’t necessarily need new frames. Many insurance companies cover a portion of the cost to get updated prescription lenses. Some cover it annually while others do it on a different schedule. When you’re updating your prescription lenses, use these tips to help you get the best options so you can see better.

Pay Attention to Your Symptoms

There are subtle signs and symptoms that you may notice before you realize you are ready for a new pair of lenses. It’s important to pay close attention to ensure you aren’t waiting too long. Wearing old prescription lenses can further damage your vision and may cause you to need a much stronger option than if you had paid attention earlier.

Headaches can often be one of the first signs that you are in need of new glasses. Because your brain is working harder to process what it sees, you may experience more pain in your head. The good news is that it’s a relatively easy fix. You can even find prescription lenses online making it very convenient for you to order.

Another big symptom that you might need new lenses for your glasses is frequent squinting. If you find yourself looking through your glasses with squinty eyes, think about the last time you had your eyes checked and got new lenses. Chances are if it’s been a year or more, you could use an updated prescription.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Getting new lenses may or may not be covered by your insurance. Some plans offer vision coverage to ensure you can get annual exams, eye tests, glaucoma testing, and more. While there are comprehensive vision plans that also help to alleviate the cost of buying new frames and lenses, these policies often have limitations on how often they can be used. Many policies might let you get new lenses once a year and new frames every other year. You might have a cap on how much you can spend, or the company might pay a specific percentage of the overall cost. The important thing is that you check your specific policy to see what it entails.

Determine if You Need New Frames As Well

Some companies can create new lenses for almost any frame. Others will only be able to make lenses for frames that they sold in the first place. Some frames are a specialty item and require different kinds of tools to create lenses to fit. It’s important to reach out to the places where you plan to buy your new lenses to ensure they can replace the lenses in your current frames.

Older frames, frames with unique shapes, and even frames made out of certain materials are not ideal to put new lenses into. The places where you bought your glasses would be your best resource when you need to update your lenses.

Get Scratch Resistant Coating

There are some add-ons that are well worth paying extra for. When you get a new pair of glasses, go the extra mile and get the scratch-resistant coating. While you’re at it, you may even consider blue light blocking lenses for sitting at your computer all day. The scratch-resistant coating can help preserve your lenses. When your glasses are placed on a desk or table the wrong way, this coating can prevent it from getting scratches that would ruin your glasses much sooner. Blue light-blocking lenses can help alleviate eye fatigue and more.

Ask About Sunglasses

When you need to get a new pair of prescription lenses, you may also want to find out more about prescription sunglasses. Getting a new pair of glasses for regular use if great and often necessary. But getting a pair of prescription sunglasses brings a level of comfort and ease that you can’t get by putting those clunky glasses covers from 1985 over your prescriptions. New sunglass lenses are the perfect option for when you want something to wear to the beach, while you’re driving or the next time you go for a run outside. Don’t forget to ask about sunglasses too.