Top 10 Best Mobile Apps

Every day, there are more and more applications and Android games that are posted on the Play Store. The Welcome ‘News team has chosen in this article the 10 best applications you can find on Android.

  1. WAZE
Image result for 1) WAZE Apps

Waze is a GPS navigation application and traffic information. The peculiarity of this application, is the possibility of having real time traffic and road information to save time. Waze has a community of more than 40 million users worldwide, helping to thwart traffic, save time, fuel and improve everyone’s commute. This application allows you to benefit from information generated in real time by the community to find the best way to arrive at your destination in the best conditions. Through the app, you can receive real-time alerts provided by other users for your ride (traffic, accidents, hazards, etc.).

2. SwiftKey

Image result for 2) SwiftKey Apps

SwiftKey is an application that allows you to have a keyboard that uses artificial intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, including the emoji you like to use. The keyboard adapts perfectly to you, and offers predictive texts that work perfectly. Swift key has several advantages, it helps you to eliminate your typos, type faster with the correct auto or have a large selection of more than 80 colors, drawings and themes.

3. Runtastic

Image result for 3) Runtastic Apps

Runtastic is a sport app that helps you keep pace and motivation during your jogging sessions. This app helps you define, track and fulfill your goals by turning your smartphone into a real sports coach. Throughout your journey, Runtastic informs you about your speed, distance traveled, time elapsed and all the necessary information that allows you to measure the progress of your training. Once your workout is over, Runtastic gives you all of your stats to measure your progress against your goals. This application is among the best that can improve your fitness.
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Image result for 4) SPOTIFY Apps

Spotify is a music streaming platform with several music titles and genres like Deezer or iTunes. This application has a clear and intuitive interface, it offers a particularly rich and complete music database and a radio function that will allow you to discover titles randomly in the musical styles of your choice. The app keeps a history of songs listened and allows to share them through the sending of links by e-mail, instant messaging or directly on social networks. This platform allows its user to access more than 30 million titles with the ability to search by artist, album, title and genre. Spotify offers a vast library of music that is constantly expanding, allowing direct and unlimited access to a variety of music.


Image result for 5) MX CAMERA Apps

Camera MX is a versatile camera application on Android. It allows you to record, edit, manage and share photos and videos with ease and originality thanks to the many effects in real time which makes it special. Camera MX allows you to record beautiful videos with good rendering in HD quality. The application has several awesome live effects, filters, inlays and frames with possibility of color correction, contrast adjustment and image resizing allowing you to have the best images.

6. Duolingo

Image result for 6) Duolingo Apps

Duolingo is one of the best applications for learning a foreign language with a very simple and intuitive method. This application is perfect to start in any language. The app offers lessons in English, Spanish, Italian, German and English. The language exercises are adapted to each level, the learning is progressive with a system of points and badges to reward you. Duolingo is completely free and also available as an extension on the web.

7. Bankin 

Image result for 7) Banking Apps

Bankin is one of the only applications that allow you to connect your bank accounts very easily. You will of course have access to the history of your accounts, receive notifications according to different parameters, access to statistics, etc. This app is your tool for analyzing daily expenses and receipts. Bankin ‘offers you a multitude of services and a guaranteed time saving. You can view the balances of each of your accounts, see the details of your transactions with one click! All your data is secure and encrypted for better use.


Image result for 8) BATTERY DEFENDER Apps

Battery Defender is very easy to use, it automatically disables Wi-Fi and mobile data when you turn off your screen while allowing apps to sync every 15 minutes. This application for Android is able to increase the battery life of the notebook. Decrease the brightness of your screen and many other simplified options. This application allows you to enjoy more of your Android device without fear that your battery will discharge.


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CCleaner is the best Android application allowing you to clean the system of your smartphone. The software removes unused files from your hard drives, shortcuts without targets to free up space on your memory and improve the functioning of your system. CCleaner is also able to erase all traces of your web browsing in seconds. The application removes temporary files, history of visited sites, cookies, forms, etc.


Image result for ALDIKO EBOOK READER Apps

This application has a large library that you can order by type of books, authors or collections. You can find several books on this application with the ability to search by author, category or other. When you are in play mode on the app, you have the option to highlight, add a note, share, or view the dictionary. You also have the option of changing the font size, font, margins, layout, etc. Be aware that there are several alternatives to this type of application, like Google Play Book, Ebook Reader or Kindle.