Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats in 2019

Soccer cleats are necessary when you are going to play one of the most popular sports in the world. In this article, we examine the top 10 best soccer cleats in 2019. We look at the materials from which they are made, the different shapes and styles available, what kind of traction they provide.

Adidas Performance Copa Mundial

These cleats are made of Kangaroo leather with a synthetic lining that provides extra comfort and support. It offers additional learning support that starts from the heel. It provideS not only stability in the field but also excellent durability. The K-leather will mold to your foot and give you a glove-like fit. Moreover, it will give you a great touch and feel for better ball control. The synthetic lining provided is quick-drying to keep your feet cool and dry throughout the game.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Fit

The Nike Hypervenom offers a tongue-free construction designed to virtually eliminate seams, contributing to your ability to control the ball with great precision. It provides excellent breathing, support, and stretch with a Flyknit upper. These cleats keep your foot securely in the shoes with Flyknit upper combined with Flywire cables. Moreover, the collar of the cleat provides more stretch.

PUMA One 17.4 V III 

PUMA has replaced the Kangaroo leather in their previous soccer cleats with a very flexible and lightweight synthetic material that allows for an excellent, comfortable fit. The Puma One still maintains the extension of the evoKNit sock extension for great convenience.

Adidas Performance Nemeziz Messi 17.3 

The agility mesh upper of these cleats makes it breathable and supportive, with the added advantage of being very durable. Furthermore, it provides a unique touch and allows excellent ball control. The dual lock collar provides superior lockdown while keeping the foot safely in the cleat with ankle stability that helps prevent injuries.

Nike Vapor IX

The upper of the Vapor IX provides excellent support and massive ball control. The touch and speed of the cleat are fantastic and perfect to leave defenders in the dust. The Speed Control textured uppers combine friction with a molded fit so that it is highly responsive. The construction includes an excellent lockdown to prevent the foot from moving inside the cleat. The All Conditions Control (ACC) technology used will ensure that the cleat can give results in both wet and dry conditions.

NIKE Mercurial Veloce 3 

The construction of the Veloce 2 is as good as it’s top of the range brother. 3D Speedribs provide excellent ball control, with a soft touch and ribbed materials that ensure the unprecedented passing ability. The strike zone contains layers of additional material, thus providing a lot of momentum behind the shots. It also provides a bit more protection, and you won’t feel the hit with the Nike Speed cleats.

NIKE Tiempo Legend VIII 

The construction of Nike Tiempo Legend cleats from very soft kangaroo leather that will fit your foot, making them comfortable and safe. Moreover, this leather upper adds to the touch and feel for the ball and provides excellent control. The construction of the heel and the middle part of the foot is with Flywire cables that wrap around the foot, creating lockdown effect. The fly knit heels and tongue of the cleat are breathable and flexible and offer the best support in areas that require the most.

PUMA Evopower Vigor 4 

PUMA Evopower features a soft and durable design with a lightweight synthetic upper that adapts to the foot for optimum stability. It provides a soft feeling for excellent ball control. Furthermore, the cleat structure makes you feel as if you are barefoot. The powerCell design saves power and allows precise kicks. It is for use on natural surfaces, known as firm ground.

NIKE Mercurial Superfly CR7

The 3D Speedrib creates areas on the upper of the leather that rise, and this provides a certain amount of friction between the cleat and the ball for more control. Moreover, Mercurial Superfly has a thicker material in the right areas that gives you a solid feel, and therefore a stronger connection to the ball and the texture, you can kick more forcefully and curve the ball as desired.

Adidas Performance Ace 18.3 

The synthetic material upper molds to your foot, allowing for a snug and very comfortable fit. The low top of the cleat allows for excellent foot movement, which in turn provides you greater control over the ball at all times. Moreover, the sock construction of these cleats connects the ankle to the lower leg allowing for faster, more agile movements.


These top 10 best soccer cleats in 2019 give you optimal traction regardless of the condition of the field you are playing. The studs on your cleats are protrusions at the bottom, providing the traction you want. Moreover, these cleats are very comfortable to play in.