Top 3 Apps to Watch Live TV

Television has been the most common and cost-effective medium of entertainment for every household since it was invented back in the 1950s. Americans love television and according to stats, 97% of American households have at least one TV. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, there are 285 million televisions currently in use in US households and there are 183 million houses that are subscribed to some kind of cable service. T, this shows how deeply rooted cable and television are in society. One reason why Americans love television is that it is an easy pastime and in situations wheren many people have a hard time relaxing, TV gives them the luxury to phase out of this harsh reality even for a few moments. With television, people can just turn it on and relax while watching their favorite type of content from the ease of their househomes.

One more reason behind this immense popularity of TV is that it is a medium that can be enjoyed regardless of age, gender, nationality, and language. Today, TV programming has become so diverse that anyone can find something according to their taste and suitable to watch. Especially in situations of lockdown and pandemics, TV viewing has increased even more. A study conducted by Statista revealed that people reported a 15% increase in their regular TV watching session in February 2020, which is 27% more than what people reported at the same time during last yearthe year before. TV has provided a much-needed relief by providing bringing entertainment from the comfort of their homesaround the world at economical pricing, which was necessary since the current public is going through mental, health, and financial crises. 

In assistingTo assist the public to remain connected to essential services like the internet and television, governments around the world have released grants and financial aids, since TV and the internet are the most common means of information. And staying up to date with current happenings is ever more crucial today than it was ever in the past, Sseeing this growing trend and the need of the public, cable providers are also playing their part in providing quality and cost-effective cable services to consumers. Providers like Spectrum, AT&T, and CoxMajor providers have stepped in up and made it even more convenient to get their services. Things like free installation at discounted prices. Just look at , discounted prices are a step in the right direction, just by analyzing Cox cable deals we see theand you’ll see the enormous amounts of discounts that consumers can get on setting up a new cable connection with the provider.    

Streaming Apps

However, recently we have seen a new trend of streaming apps, which is, this can be seen as a combination of the internet and TV. Streaming apps allow an added layer of convenience for the traditional cable viewers by giving them full control of the content that they like to watch instead of following the regular programming and time slots of traditional cable TV. With that, there comes a huge library of movies and TV shows that are at the fingertips of the user to watch. P, plus now since cinemas are closed for a while with uncertainty whether when they’ll be functional again. S, seeing this, many film studios are launching new blockbuster movies on these apps so users can easily have a cinema experience from their house. Streaming apps have made TVs portable so that users can have a seamless viewing experience anywhere and anytime as these apps are available for all major smartphone operating systems and Smart TVs as well.

Live TV Apps 

Streaming apps are freeingfree people from hidden charges, equipment fees, and limitations of the coverage area that comes with traditional cable TV services. Hs however, there’s  was one slight problem: You can’t watch live TV on streaming apps the way you can watch it on cable. there wasn’t an option to watch live TV on these apps. However, this was a thing of the past and now many apps allow you to stream live TV over the internet. Seeing the potential of these apps, many cable providers have also joined this race. Now, many cable providers are also offering their own streaming apps so users don’t have to get the traditional setup, instead, they can just subscribe to the app and watch TV on the go. In this article, we have compiled a list of apps that you can use to watch Live TV conveniently.

Hulu + Live TV 

If you are a fan of streaming apps, Hulu is a platform that you might be aware of. Hulu is a streaming platform jointly owned by the Walt Disney Company and Comcast. Hulu has made a name for itself in the list of popular streaming services present in the US and now stands in ranks with Netflix and Amazon Prime. With a wide variety of exciting streamable content including original movies and TV shows, Hulu is a tough cookie in streaming apps. Hulu+ Live TV is an app powered by the functionality of live TV as well along with the regular streaming content which makes it easier for users to use a single app for both TV and streaming instead of getting confused by juggling between a number of different platforms. Hulu+ Live TV gives subscribers access to live and on-demand channels, including local ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC channels, as well as popular sports networks like ESPN, FS1, NBCSN, and many more with a 7-day free trial option.

YouTube TV

YouTube is a name everyone is familiar with. I, it is the undisputed king of online video streaming platforms and their new offering in form of YouTube TV is no different. YouTube, however, doesn’t have a vast library of original content like Hulu.  however Iit covers that up by allowing users to have three simultaneous streamsing on different screens with the same account. Plus YouTube TV also has the option of unlimited cloud DVR storage, so users can save live TV streams and their favorite content to be watched offline. With popular sports networks like NBA and MLB, it surely is a treat for fans of Basketball and Baseball who are looking for alternate options after cord-cutting.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is another popular choice among live TV streaming  appsoptions., Fubo TV gives watchers viewers the liberty to select from various packages j just like their traditional cable and offers a feature that is missing from various apps that charge a standard subscription fee per month. Fubo TV’s lineup is also quite diverse and includes pretty much every major channel, which is usually missing in other TV apps. MLB Network, NFL Network, ESPN, and Golf Channel all are included in their lineups, which makes it a treat for sports fans who are switching to cord-cutting. 


Cord-cutting is the future of TV as internet access is becoming more and more economical and convenient, wWe have already seen how streaming apps are taking over traditional cable TV and the next thing is obviously how the normal broadcasting would be done over the internet apart from the streamable content. Due to this, many production giants are leaping into making regular channels accessible over the internet through live TV apps the likes of which we have discussed in this article. These apps are some of the best ones out there if you’re looking to switch over to internet-based programming.