Top 3 Korean Brands You Should Know

Korean fashion is relatively new. Korea is not exactly a fashion hub like Paris or New York, but is shaping up to be a fashion fad of its own. Different designers have taken different approaches to meet their target market needs; what is certain is that the consumer is keen. If you are considering buying oriental couture, you should certainly sample Korean clothing or apparel and accessories. It helps that most Korean fashion brands are of high quality, and affordable making it a major go-to fashion hub in Asia.

The Korean Fashion Evolution

As far as the Asian market is concerned, Korean fashion is present. Tokyo has been a major fashion hub for Asian markets serving the Asian culture and Japanese subcultures. The Korean fashion scene tends to be more elegant with clean-cut pieces, while the Japanese are considered unique. Korean fashion was first introduced to major runways in the ’60s but has greatly picked up in the millennial era, whereby digital technologies have enabled influencers to share these fashion ideas

It helps that Korean pop stars and influencers who are internationally renowned have pushed these fashion ideas that resonate with most fashion-conscious audiences in the West, see more. This success can be attributed to the government support of fashion designers and the regulation and adequate funding of textile industries.

Top Korean Brands

Many Korean brands are selling diverse fashion items and are targeting the fashion-forward. Flashy, amplified silhouettes in bold colors that stand out are a teen favorite. Millennials prefer sustainable brands as they are eco-friendly, functional, trendy and culturally impactful. These brands tend to think out of the box to provide stylish clothing to teens and working women with different purchasing power; creativity and affordability are key factors that have led to the success of these brands and crossing boundaries.  

Setting shop for international brands has not been an easy task. This could be due to cultural differences. South Korean fashion also tends to move very fast, whereby ideas are developed quickly and become a trend. This has, in turn, led to the dominance of homegrown brands that have been greatly influenced by the fast-paced K-POP culture.

Top 3 Korean Brands You Should Know

So what are the top 3 Korean brands that you should look out for?


This brand is an expression of futuristic modernity. Made of high quality tailored, luxurious designs. Its target market is women ahead of their time.


This is where modern elegance, delicate silhouettes and artistic femininity blend. It is a Korean favorite brand.


It is an urban collection of contemporary pieces that are strong yet subtle; the inspiration is architecture and modern constructions.

Whether it is street fashion, modern apparel, or runway inspiration, the Korean fashion scene has got it. Though a lot is needed in terms of growth and development for these fashion brands to compete with established brands on the international scene, Korean fashion is an inspiring mix of eclectic and elegant; a style must for every woman’s wardrobe.