Top 5 things to do in Delaware

Delaware has made its mark in history by ratifying the constitution as early as 1787. Although the real estate of the place covers only 1900 square miles, the area makes sure to pack a bit of action here. Here is a list of top 5 things that you could do when you are in Delaware. 

1-Jungle Jim’s Water Park:  Jungle Jim’s is one of the largest water parks in Delaware, which is loaded with many additional land rides, bumper boats, batting cages, mini-golf, and much more stuff. It could be your one-stop destination for an unmatched family outing in the southern region of Delaware. You are going to find no space in the water park that isn’t filled with the awesomeness of the Jungle. Make sure to head to the water park this weekend with your friends and family to have the ultimate life experience. 

2-Library and Museum of Hagley: When you are looking out for places to visit in Delaware it just won’t be right to miss out on the Library and Museum of Hagley (especially, if you are a historical buff with ample inclination towards books). The museum was originally the home to the du Pont family, which now comprises a beautiful library and gunpowder mills as well. The estate itself and the extensive gardens encasing the area are worth paying a visit to. 

3-The famous beaches of Delaware: You are in Delaware, and you didn’t visit its famous beaches, you are missing out on something huge (apparently) buddy! The beaches of Delaware maintain a very down-to-earth ambience with quietness and having small-town affairs, which is ideally suited for long walks that can help you escape into nature. One of the most popular beaches of Delaware is Rehoboth beach, and it is once in a lifetime opportunity that you cannot miss visiting. They have got plenty of water sports you can choose from. Also, if you are in search of a younger crowd, you could explore the Dewey beach. 

4-The Brandywine Zoo: The Brandywine Zoo of Delaware is open year-round, which will allow you to experience the wildlife. If you want to take another shot of Mother Nature, you got to visit the Brandywine Zoo, which is nestled in the Wilmington and is home to about 150 animals that are wild yet friendly. There are many kid-centric classes conducted in the Winter Day Camp, Zoo Kids, and Art in the Park. It is a perfect place to pay a visit to with your family. 

5-Nemours Mansion: Nemours Mansion is the brainchild of Alfred du Pont, which was fabricated in the early 20th century as a gift to Alicia, his wife. The property is a marvellous treat to the eyes with the distinctive gardens it possesses. The place is recently restored, and 300 acres of the area is now open for the visitors to have a good time. The Mansion is again located in Wilmington, to which the visitors can go to have an experience of the classic French architecture. So people what are you waiting for? Get complete info on Delaware from Nerd’s Travel and pack your bags and get-set-go Delaware!