Top 5 UX agencies in 2023: how to pick the better one? 

Appearance matters, character matters too. When you meet new friends, you expect them not only to look attractive, but to be sociable, responsive and available for comprehension. When people start acquaintance with new apps, they hope to discover, along with fancy appearance, an interactive, pleasant and easy to understand character. And there’s data that signals that investment in «app’s character» is rewarding.

The Infragistics research has shown that the value of investment in UX design in dependency on its quality can loom from a return of $2 to $100 for every $1 that was invested in UX design. This data eloquently evidenced how essential a conscientious attitude to the issue. To underestimate this challenge means to leave a project without a robust basement. So, it’s evidence that UX services from top ux agencies are required regardless of the destination of your product. 

When you’re staggering amidst ux agencies that invite you to entrust the project idea with all details, you might feel like a diver who has to dive in the ocean of proposals and find the one that is like a precious pearl among stones. But you don’t need to guess on a chamomile what firm is exactly what you want. 

We extend a helping hand in order to speed your search for the best. 

Top UX Agencies in 2023


This is a team of talented UX specialists with excellent sense of humor, innate marketing skills and an imposing portfolio.

Founded in 2014 in a city with outstanding educational facilities in IT, in Siberia, Russia, nowadays, the company unites under its roof 120 result-oriented experts. This UX agency is highly assessed on, and Facebook due to guys’ ability to work in a close interaction with the customer and perform exactly what the customer and app’s target audience expected. 


The team is focused on helping startups, but the diversity of the business niches they belong to is impressive. If you delve in Purrweb’s portfolio, you’ll discover thriving projects related to sports, healthcare, educational, financial and real estate domains. Whatever it is: a pet healthcare tracking app or a musical e-commerce app – these guys are able to highlight the value of the project better than many others. If you stop your choice on this team, you’ll find a partner passionately dedicated to the project. 


This company stands out from the other ux agencies with a small size, ultra professional staff and portfolio, causing the envy of competitors. 

Headquartered in San Francisco, the team consists of 30+ members. The UX design specialists offer a full range of branding and design services. They succeeded in building a user interface that let customers enjoy the product. The secret is a design based on the latest results of researchers in psychological and sociological science. 


Clay prefers cooperation with well-funded tech companies. Predominantly working with tech startups in Silicon Valley, Clay takes care of growing unicorns. In spite of the formidable competition, this is one of the ux agencies that are in-demand and thriving.

Thanks to their enthusiasm, professional experience and good understanding of the market, many startups get a ticket to a successful life.


If you ask yourself who invented the term “design thinking”, let us introduce the authors. One of the oldest ux agencies is still a trend setter. The company leads its own history from 1991 and by the moment employs 700+ «UX design thinkers». With offices located in big cities worldwide (major cities in Britain, Japan, US), this company devoted its time to world famous businesses. Among clients are multinational brands in the chemical industry, retail etc.


Mixing their rich experience with experimental ideas, Ideo specialists impress customers with innovative interfaces that keep traditions in its core. The company usually cooperates with well-funded tech enterprises as their pricing is costly. 

Work & Co

Compared to other ux agencies, Work and Co has a surprising curve of growth: just within five years as they started the team skyrocketed to hundreds of members. At the moment, its staff counts 270 experts, offices are open in different  areas: New York,Sao Paulo, Portland, and its portfolio includes world business leaders. All this story started from the order for redesigning of Virgin America’s website. After this project UX agency became famous. What excites us in their working process organization is that every project is supervised by senior designers.

They contributed to Apple, IKEA and other  business mammoths.


As the firm that got recognized by the UX community and had a plethora of professional awards in UI /UX design, now Work & Co is one of the unsurpassed ux agencies with a profound expertise that’s ready to join the company of big tech startups with lavish budgeting. 

Brave UX

Opened in Washington eight years ago, Brave UX became the place for professional experiments and achievements for nine not cowardly people. Though the team is small, the score on says the guys perfectly know what they are doing. Being meticulous at preliminary work and leaning their solutions on the results of research, these UX experts flawlessly help their customers get the results they wanted. 


The UX agency cooperates with various scale projects. They enjoy non trivial tasks and can provide you with off the wall UX design solutions. 

How to select the UX agency that perfectly fits your tasks?

As you can see from the previous list, not only do the tech startup founders look for appropriate UX agencies, but UX agencies look for the projects that can be challenging for them. The wonder happens when ux agency abilities and business requirements coincide. In this case the startup founders gain excellent services and ux agencies obtain desirable experience. Budgeting also matters. For example, the first team in this list helps solo entrepreneurs, small and midsize businesses worldwide, whereas other teams concentrate their attention on big well-funded projects, often with a definite location.

What things to pay attention to when you are choosing a ux agency?

Positive reviews

Try to select among those UX agencies whose excellent level of skills is confirmed by real customers. Check their score on Clutch. com, and other resources with high business reputation. 

Same aesthetic preferences

Since you’re planning to trust the appearance of your app to the team, make sure first that your perception of beauty coincides. 

Cool research skills

The outstanding product can be performed only on real users tested data. The lack of information leads to various flaws in usability. So, check if the team can apply different tools to «mining» data. 

UX design skills

Ask for references to the complete products and examine if they are truly perfect in using. Apart from good looking appearance, your product needs an ongoing character to be able to make friends with every user. If this part is great, you have all chances to deliver a product worth public attention.

Culture and communications

Team spirit is essential for high productivity and prominent results. The better communication skills in the team are developed, the better all the processes are established and, respectively, higher efficiency you can expect. 

To wrap up

So, hope, we shed light on some facets of the process related to selecting the ux agency. Try to outweigh all the pros and cons, rational and emotional motivations in order to select your guiding star among ux agencies. Team that will be future shaping for your project.