Top Tips to Quickly Cooling Your Home This Summer

There’s no doubt that this summer is all about heat waves, and record-breaking temperatures have become the norm. While others have found ways to cool down by going to the beach or coast or the mountains, what about those at home with no choice but to suffer in the heat? But suppose you are set to go home after a long and exhausting day and would like to get the temperature in your home cool and cozy in as fast a time as possible. In that case, the good news is there are things you can do – and it doesn’t involve turning your thermostat way down low, because the air conditioner will always cool at the same rate regardless of the setting! So what should you do to quickly cool your home this summer? Here are some top tips. 

Begin the cooling process before you even get home

Certain technologies today allow you to cool your home before you even get there. For example, you can have your thermostat remotely connected to the Internet so that you can adjust the temperature even before you return home. With the remote, you can also set the ideal temperature before leaving the office; alternatively, you can turn it off when you leave. 

There is also a technology called ‘geofencing,’ which lets your thermostat sense how far away you are – and turns on the AC. If you don’t want to get too techie, you can opt for a programmable thermostat and set it to turn on at a particular time. This option works best if your schedule is predictable, as confirmed by AC repair in Aurora IL companies like McNally. 

Reduce the generation of heat in your home

True enough, our homes can also be the reason why it’s hot inside. Think about it – the air conditioning works by removing indoor heat and placing it outdoors. But if your home is too hot, it will take a longer time for your home to cool. This is where you can do your part to minimize the generation of heat – for example, don’t turn on the lights in rooms that are unused as soon as you get home, and avoid turning on the electronic appliances if you’re not using them, such as the TV. It’s also best not to open the windows, especially if it’s too hot outside. 

Use fans 

If you have ceiling fans or stand-alone fans, use them. They can circulate air in the rooms while you’re waiting for the AC to kick in. Your home will cool down quicker if you can get the hot air to move outdoors as soon as possible. Here’s a tip: for your ceiling fan to be most efficient, it should move counterclockwise, and the fan will do its job of cooling you down while you wait for the AC to work. 

Shut the door to unused areas 

Another thing you can do is to shut the door to unused areas and rooms. For instance, if no one’s in the bedrooms and you want to relax while watching TV in the living room, close the doors and windows leading to the other rooms in your home. This way, it will cool down faster, and you’ll be relaxed in no time.