Trendy Jewellery Gift Ideas for Special Occasions presented by Hatton Garden Jewellers Ovadia

As Valentine’s Day is here, many people want to show their affection through a beautiful piece of jewellery – diamonds speak louder than words!

Marking a special anniversary or event is often another reason for our customers to purchase a special jewellery piece. 

Timeless, stunning and precious isn’t just something for the moment, it can last for a lifetime and beyond.  

The expert jewellers at Ovadia Jewellery in the very famous Hatton Garden district of London, have gathered an exclusive jewellery selection in various styles with a wow-factor, so that your jewellery gifts leave a lasting impression! 

In their Ovadia Jewellery shop you will find different jewellery items in one place: gift ideas for women and men that won’t let you down and all-time favourite pieces including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and much more! To give you an idea, read on and discover some of their trendiest jewellery gift pieces for that special one. 

Ovadia’s top 5 trendy jewellery gifts for lovers: 

HEART SHAPED CROSS OVER DIAMOND RING: This stunning Platinum Pear Shape Diamond Cross over Ring with a 1.01ct diamond on it will brighten up everyone’s face. Very elegantly designed and smoothly polished, this ring will make any lover’s heart beat faster for a mere £3,680. 

DIAMOND BRACELET: A beautiful 18ct White Gold Diamond Bracelet with total 1.00ct of Weight. Perfect for the very trendy, yet elegant person in mind who enjoys combining their precious jewellery with their stylish wardrobe, especially when going out to cultural or social events. And if you live a lavish life, you certainly can spare £2,250 for this beauty. 

ART DECO DIAMOND RING:  A stunning 18ct White Gold Art Deco Style Diamond Ring with a total Diamond Weight of 0.31ct, this ring will melt a traditionalist’s heart with its timeless style. If they’re into historic buildings, antiques and the jewellery some of the royals wear, they will certainly fall for this ring. And with a price tag of only £1,165 you can certainly make them feel royal at no extortionate cost. 

SAPPHIRE PENDANT: This impressive 18ct White Gold Cushion Cut Dark Blue Sapphire and Diamond Pendant is reserved for someone very special as you will have to make an appointment with Ovadia Jewellery designers to order this. Invest the time and the £2,500 for this absolute breath-taker – envision that Titanic moment. 

AKOYA PEARLS STUDS: These are small pearls made with 18ct White Gold and round diamonds with a total of 0.16ct. They are available in different sizes and metals, which means Ovadia designers can customise them according to your favourite person’s desires. Just talk to the experienced Ovadia team and you’ll have the perfect bespoke jewellery gift made. 

Find more stunning jewellery gift ideas on the Hatton Garden Jewellers – Ovadia Jewellery website or meet the team at their Jewellery shop to discuss further options such as engravings or customisation.