Tricks to Be a Smart Crypto Investor

Cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin mining  have become more or less a permanent fixture in mainstream economics of countries. It is gradually becoming an accepted asset class that almost everybody is dying to get a hold of today. Almost 10.2% of the global community has crypto assets ownership today as per Finbold’s analysis after a recent survey carried out in Q3 of 2021 and published in January 2023. According to them, Thailand has the highest share of crypto assets at 20.1%. Then comes Nigeria and it is at 19.4% followed by the Philippines with the overall same percentage. And believe it or not, you might be thinking that all Americans are mostly after this asset class. But surprisingly enough America stands at the 12th spot with a share of 12.7%.

So, it is clear how the whole world is running after it but, at the same time, as so many new investors are coming, lack of knowledge and hurry in investment making them bankrupt. For that, novice traders must know some tricks that will help them with their crypto trading journey.

Choosing the Best Cryptocurrency

Choosing a good crypto asset requires a lot of consideration. Since it has zero intrinsic value it requires a lot of thought unlike purchasing stocks from the stock market. 

  • When you are on the verge of selecting your crypto asset consider the demand-supply ratio of that asset. If it has a limited supply then its demand will shoot sky high shortly. Initially, you may be paying a fortune to get hold of it, but in the long run, you will be earning an even greater fortune from it.
  • Read the white paper of that asset and the entire fine print that there is to it. You should know thoroughly about it and if you see that its demand is going to go upwards even more then you may try that. 
  • You must not skip considering its market value and cap. You must also see some experts’ analyses of the cryptocurrency’s future. Which currency price is going to get high matters everything because the profit you may make depends on it.

No matter what you select you can use to buy your crypto assets.

Weigh the Advantages of the Crypto Assets

Always ensure to weigh the pros of any product or commodity that you buy. In doing so, you will realize the advantages of buying crypto assets. By doing the same here you can get assurance of your wise investments. 

The price of crypto assets is not related to any other form of investment or conventional assets and thus its price is not going to fluctuate as per their value. The return on investment is considerably high so if you invest here you might as well expect high returns. That said, you have to be careful in the choice of your coins and your strategies only then can you succeed. You cannot ignore the utility factor of the coin. Unlike traditional stocks, Bitcoins have greater utility value. You can use them to buy and exchange goods and services. So these are all the more reasons why you should invest.

Various Ways in Which Cryptocurrencies can be invested

There are many ways in which you can invest in cryptocurrencies. They are:

  • Crypto Futures
  • Crypto Funds
  • Crypto Exchange Or Broker Stocks
  • Blockchain ETFs

They all have their risks as well as advantages but you have to delve deep into them to understand which is good and which is not. If done and chosen wisely after much consideration you will make more out of it.

What to Consider While Investing in Cryptocurrencies?

When you invest you must consider a few aspects before investing. Consideration of these factors taken together ensures a safe and wise investment. So here are the factors for you:

  • Pay no heed to all the hype and cacophony about the assets.
  • Be ready for anything. The outcome may be bad or good. So be prepared for what may come upon you
  • Choose the best strategy to invest in, do not just jump around going around listening to what have say to you, think twice before investing.
  • Make thorough research and take information from reliable sources before investing.
  • Diversify all your investments so that you do not lose all at a time in case you are hacked.
  • Make provisions for an alternative email account from where you can operate.
  • Choose a reputable and safe platform as your trading exchange.
  • Storage is of utmost importance so consider carefully in choosing a secure crypto wallet.


These are all the warning signals for you before you make any investment in this asset class. Look well before you leap to avoid the undue circumstances that you might all be into.