Wavy Trip Unblocked Play Online For Free

Wavy Trip Unblocked is a fun online score running game with simple graphics but difficult gameplay. Your character will be paper plane that you have to fly inside a tunnel. You will face many obstacles and hurdles that must be passed through to win the round. The paper plane must not touch the walls or you will lose the game. There is an endless mode or level passing with scoring highest on the board. It is a single player game that is played with mouse click only. You have to press and hold the mouse click to fly your plane upward and leave the click to move plane downwards.

Wavy Trip Unblocked was developed by SgLib Games which is available for both iOS and Android mobiles. If you are getting bored at school, college or office, then you must play Wavy Trip endless runner addictive game. When passing through the tunnel you will face different shape obstacles and needed to collect coins. These coins will help you unlocking new beautiful spaceships. Moreover, the background will make you calm and relax that is the main feature of this game.

The gameplay is done with the left mouse click. You need to fly the paper plane in air and avoid obstacles but not coins. The coins will help you go to next level and unlock cool characters. You will see rings at different points, go through them to earn more points. If you managed to pass through the ring you will earn 2 points but if you touch it, 1 point will be given. Moreover, when you continuously fly, the game speed will increase and you need to be super fast to fly through tunnel. In this article, we will share features, how to play Wavy Trip Unblocked, FAQs, and more.


  • Simple but addictive gameplay.
  • Available for iOS and Android mobiles.
  • All assets are free to use commercially.
  • Attractive 3D Visuals.
  • Fully commented in C#.
  • 30 unique and cool spaceships.
  • One mouse click gameplay.
  • Looks easy but hard to play.
  • Daily rewards given if you play daily.
  • Extra point feature if go through the ring.
  • Score can be shared on social media platforms.
  • Recording gameplay allowed.

How to Play Wavy Trip Unblocked?

Wavy Trip Unblocked is an HTML5 game that is the reason it works perfect on browser and mobile. The gameplay is easy to understand but hard to play. You will get a basic paper plan to fly through the tunnel. There will be different obstacles which if hit will make you loss. Moreover, you should not touch the walls of the tunnel because they will also make you loss. You need to fly the plane in tunnel and collect coins and go through the rings to earn more points. If you touch the ring, you will earn 1 point but if you go from center of the ring, you will earn 2 points. So try to go in center of the ring.

There are 30 unique locked spaceships which will only be unlocked if you get minimum reached points. Your control is your mouse left click. The game speed will increase if you continuously play it without loss. Your mouse move and click will decide that either you will win or loss the game.

Some Quick Tips to Play Wavy Trip Unblocked

You can follow these tips to score highest in the game:

  • Fly in middle of the tunnel because the next obstacle can either be up, down, or in center. The middle fly will help you decide where to move.
  • Don’t get closer to the wall because touching walls can lead you loss the game.
  • Keep you hand on mouse continuously to keep balance of the plane.
  • Go through the center of the rings to gain 2 points instead of 1 point.

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There are many games that are similar to the gameplay of Wavy Trip Unblocked but they have different rewards, levels, characters, music, and theme of game. At the end, all games are score running games. Few of them are listed below:

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Who developed Wavy Trip Unblocked?

The game was developed by SgLib Game. The main theme of the game is to fly the plane through the tunnel without hitting walls and obstacles and to collect maximum coins and points.

Can I download it on mobile?

Yes, the game is developed to use on multiple platforms including browsers, iOS and Android. You can download the APK version of Wavy Trip Unblocked online.

Is there any cheat to win the game?

No, there are no cheats available. You have to play it yourself and win the game.

Is there any end to the game?

No, there is no end of this game as it is endless runner game developed by SgLib Game. You will run and will loss when hit by an obstacle or to the wall.


We have talked in detail about Wavy Trip Unblocked. The endless running will make you addict to this cool game and the rewards are amazing. The 30 cool unique locked spaceships are the main attractive point that catches most players attention. Players want to unlock these 30 spaceships as soon as possible and want to try them instead of basic paper plane. We have shared some similar games to Wavy Trip Unblocked also above which you can play online. In addition, you can download the APK version of the game on mobile and play it at office or school.