What Are The Things To Consider When Buying Ice Machines?

Are you looking to buy ice-making machines?

If, so there are few things to keep in mind when trying to purchase ice machines. These are needed for households as well as commercial places where ice is needed regularly.  Hence, when opting to buy one, you will definitely want the best one for yourself, which is why you need to keep a list of things in mind when getting a new one.

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Space allottedfor machine

The first thing an individual should check when opting for such a machine is the space where it will be kept.For this, the first thing you should do is to measure the space. This will aid in determining how much space is there and what size of ice making machine will fit there easily.

Also, it should be kept away from heated space cause then it will make a lesser amount of ice than what is mentioned in the description label of a machine. Once this is cleared, the next thing to check is how big of an ice maker one requires.

Ideal machine size

Now different sizes offer different quantities of ice created in 24 hours. Depending on the usage, a person should opt for the perfect size. For example, if it is placed at a restaurant where cocktails and other drinks are served, it will probably require a machine which can create and store an ample amount of ice every day. If it is used for the household purpose it will require lesser quantity of ice.

Right electrical set up

This completely depends on the model of ice machines a person purchases. Based on that, it will either need a 220v or 115v outlet. Smaller ones which are used for household purposes require 115v generally and machines for commercial use require 220v. These outlets come in different setups and thus, taking help of a professional electrician is highly advised.

Correct drainage

Every ice-making machine requires ample water regularly. This means that before installing one, adequate drainage should be created. Self-contained or modular machines which are installed on dispenser or bin needs floor drain for dispersing excess water. However, with countertop ones, excess water is cleared using same drain used by a sink by utilizing reducer coupling, wye and bell fitting.


The last and most essential thing to keep in mind when opting for such a machine is the budget. On the ability to spend depends whether one should buy one or lease one. However, purchasing one is the way to go if possible. It becomes an asset to a business or household without having to spend continuously on it if leased one. Always try to stay within budget; however, one can go a little overboard if it will fulfil all his/her requirement.

These are some of the factors which you should keep in mind always when buying ice machines. This will help one to get the best product in the product which will be durable and offer its service for quite a long period.