What are Top Health-Oriented Plants?

We all have grown up learning about the importance of growing plants. But apart from the fact that plants are good for a breathable and beautiful environment, they also help in calming our mind and bringing in positive vibes. Having such plants in our house garden, in our balcony, or our house as decor can be of great help in fighting with negative times. So, to help you with that we have listed below some plants that you can consider bringing home for their healing nature.

  1. Golden Pothos- Pothos is a very commonly used plant and might be found in every household. This plant is difficult to kill and is a survivor of all weather conditions. Being an air-purifying plant, this plant helps you breathe fresh air and thus, acts as an invisible medicine for your healthy living. And if you are someone who lacks the green-thumb quality, then buy this easy-peasy plant and gift yourself a gift of fresh air as it is easy to care for.
  2. English Ivy- Another one of the green gems that make you live in a healthy and purified environment is English Ivy. The leaves of this plant look like the work of an artist, and the tint of white or yellow hues on the outer corner of leaves makes it a perfect pick for home decor. You can buy this nature’s beauty via an online plant nursery, easily.
  3. Boston Fern- If there is any plant that can be crowned the name of “Powerhouse of Fresh Air” then it has to be Boston Fern. Recommended by NASA, this plant helps in overcoming the emissions by vehicles, refrigerators, computer systems, ACs, cigarette smokes, and more. This plant absorbs the harmful pollutants very efficiently and leaves oxygen that is fresh and healthy for us to breathe in.
  4. Snake Plant- Are you someone who loves green plants but from a distance, simply because you think you cannot take care of plants? Well, just like you many other people deal with the same issue and thus, for all of you lazy-bees here is a plant that can keep itself alive, even in the harshest conditions- Snake Plant. Snake Plant can be considered the partner of the Aloe plant, as both of these plants can survive without water for months.
  5. Rubber Plant- A plant with jet green leaves and has a glossy finish on them, makes Rubber Plant a beauty to endure. The large-sized leaves of this plant help it absorb more pollutants, and also, this plant can be an ideal pick for a corner that has enough space. Bring this green plant home to beautify your interiors and also to breathe fresh air.

All these plants are quite beneficial and provide us with a healthy environment to breathe in. Also, keeping the current situation of Lockdown in mind, getting some of these houseplants at your home can help you in being a little more stress-free. Not just that, these plants would also kill the pollutants that are available in your house, and you have no idea they are causing you harm.